High neck shirts St. Christopher st

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size: M(48)
Color: Blue (Blu)
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Golf wear golf wear

Brand name
Christopher St. Christopher

Commodity name
Long neck shirts × Double sleeve thermal storage stretch sleeve sleeve water repellent square logo wappen golf wear

Manufacturer desired retail price
18000 yen (tax)

Notation size
M (48) l (50) ll (52)

Actual size
M (48) width 51cm shoulder width 44cm back length 72cm
L (50) width 54 cm shoulder width 46cm back length 73 cm
Ll (52) width 55 cm shoulder width 48CM back length 76cm
Please note that there are some errors in size.

Acrylic 49% rayon 43% polyurethane 8%
100% polyester polyester

Stretch elastic peeling resistant peeling

Blue (blue) Gree

It is made of upper layer material using bulky micro acrylic and high multi rayon.
For finishing, shea butter oil penetrated into the fiber and finished with a more sensitive material.
Moreover, the material of the sleeve is made of water repellent material, and the rich one with rich functionality is made.
Functions: hand washing, washable, heat storage, durable water repellency, and one side Shirley processing
High neck shirts long sleeve Mock Neck Shirt × Flap square logo wappen sleeve part
MIP ex
High class material with bulky micro acrylic and high rayon.
The sea butter oil is penetrated into the fiber to finish, and it is finished to a material with good texture.
A peculiar sense of nutcracker and a sense of harassment
Clean hair
Unique taste by shea butter oil
Excellent anti pill property
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation MIP.
Please enjoy the good quality of colors made in Japan, beautiful finish by high sewing technology, and comfortable design by pattern design.
In Japan
Made up of

Because there is a case that it is possible even if it is possible for the commodity without the present warehouse now, it is possible to inquire.
* there may be differences in the actual product and the color of the product depending on the difference between the monitor and the light beam.
* the sample picture taken from the manufacturer may change the design and the color of the product to the actual product.



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