Lacoste Japanese regular article / ankle length socks

Size: F (027)
Color: Navy (780)
Sale price¥ 1,320 JPY


Men's product details golf

Brand name
Lacoste LACOSTE Japanese regular article

Brand name
One point logo golf with the socks ankle length socks foot bottom pile cushion

Maker hope retail price
1,200 yen (tax-excluded)

Notation size

F(027) size 25~27cm for maker

Cotton acrylic and others

It is with a foot bottom pile cushion

Off-white (025) black (026) gray (484) navy (780)

Expensive sneakers length socks cushion-related in bottom pile.
Discerning specifications of the right and left knitting reason.
Be superior to stretch characteristics, and is comfortable; wear it, and is a feeling.
I wear good sewing only by the product made in Japan, and, please enjoy 良 さををお of the feeling.
※〈 attention 〉 When relate to hosiery, list it with a brand name according to designation of the maker; in us flat; put it, and measure exact size size in a state, and list it, but besides ask by the material of the product, elasticity, the figure of the wearer to have purchase that length when wore it changes slightly after understanding it.
In a property, approve the product which was worn (the state that a product tag was taken off) once because you cannot accept returned goods, exchange.
〈 T-on 〉 Lacoste which で collecting handling breaks, all Lacoste sports are Japanese regular products. Please purchase it in peace.
Sports watching games golf watching games trip fashion is mobile

Approve the some errors about the size.
Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
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