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Size: F
Color: Laser blue (101)
Sale price¥ 6,050 JPY


The goods product details

Brand name

Brand name
An outstanding performance laser is blue in 4-5 caddie bag self-stand bag club cases packable セルフプレー, practice field

Notation size

Full scale size
[F] Two full length (food nothing) 84cm length diameter 10cm side diameter 13.5cm 1.0 kg in weight pockets


It is with a body seat belt glove holder with carabiner with

Laser blue (101)

★NEW model is an appearance in the popular self-stand bag which is taken away to many golf magazines as the stylish fellow who is indispensable to smart golf!
★I add a design and power it up more!
By an abundant design becoming fun, your favorite is surely found just to look!
★Because it is 1.0 kg of super lightweight designs even if I say anything, carrying around is easy.
★It is the item which I can carry only a necessary club, and is most suitable for a self-play course and a practice field.
★It is recommended as a substitute for the caddie about 100 yards of remainder!
It is not necessary to return to a cart expressly because I put a club necessary for the striking distance and can put it.
I can change a club without minding around and may not leave a club in the course.
Therefore you can enjoy a self-play more comfortably!
It is the compact size that is not bulky even if I load it onto a car!
★I adopt the hook-type steering wheel of the shape that it is easy to hold.
By the large grip of the shape, I can hang it on the mouth frames of a caddie bag and the cart not to mention carrying around by hand well.
★The glove holder which I can stick a magic tape part of the glove on includes it.
★The hook which a porch or a water bottle are thrown by includes it.
★The convenient slightly bigger pocket which can hold the accessories such as a ball or the smartphone includes it.
★A body seat belt to sprinkle it on a shoulder when an arm was tired, and to be able to carry includes it.
★A stand is gathered up; is with a stopper; as for the storing comfortably.
★The putting in and out of the club is smooth in a slightly bigger mouth frame.
★The functionality is enriched not to mention an appearance very much, too!
It is reliable to become a stouthearted fellow of your golf life☆
★Golf club 4-5 of them are packable.
※In production, the positions such as a position or the motif of the pattern of the pattern are different from an image by a use point of the cloth.
※This product becomes the sale only for club cases.
※The accessories such as balls are not included in a product.

★Approve the some errors about the size.
★Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
★Because you decline lapping, approve the large product of a caddie bag and the Boston bag.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
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