Bracelet Bandel Bandel 2021 Fall / Winter New Work

size: M(M)
Color: Black × Blk-slv
Sale price¥ 3,850 JPY


Men's Women's Product Details

brand name
Bandel Bandel

Product name
Bracelet Platinum Silicon Material String Metallic Bracelet String Metallic Bracelet Balance Power Movement Ability Recovery Strength Improvement Logo Design

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
3500 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
M (m)

Manufacturer compatible size
M (about 17.5 cm)

Platinum silicone

Antibacterial and antiviral photocatalyst coating

Black x Silver (BLK-SLV)

String Metallic Bracelet is refined in a modern sense while following the Bandel's best seller string series.
A distinctive slit, which is a wasteless form and Bandel bracelet characterized by a thin silhouette, and the outline tightens the design to emphasize the style.
And the newly placed symbol mark Octus and the Bandel logo emerge a powerful and luxuriable metallic shine.
Similarly on the back, metallic processing octasmarks are placed and more attention is collected.
In addition, string metallic bracelets are not asked only for the novel appearance, but focused on "Technology to improve performance" at Bandel's root and is a new standard model that was born to connect the future from the past of Bandel.
To all people seeking performance, Bandel delivers technology into bracelet.
※ Our silicon products include trace of quartz and pure gold, which is a kind of natural ore, so it may respond to metal or ore allergy. Please use above careful consideration.
People are said to be able to demonstrate about 20% of the ability to have.
Bandel is developed to maximize physical potential such as balance force, exercise ability, recovery and concentration by special processing to accessories, wear, and sports goods. It is a lifestyle gear.
You can expect to improve balance power, exercise ability, recovery and concentration, by acquiring BANDEL products.
Bracelet Platinum Silicon Material String Metallic Bracelet String Metallic Bracelet Balance Power Movement Ability Recovery Total Development Logo Design Sports Even at the time of golf
Power wake up, Chikara
Enjoy a polite finish unique to Japanese.

About Bandel-Bandel-
Bandel is a Lifetech brand that founded in 2010 to the Power and Force-Power Fusion-Concept.
Management medical equipment and accessories lifeways, including the theme of "healthy and powerful life",
We offer products and services appropriate to those who enjoy life. Since its inception, a celebrity in culture, entertainment and sports worldwise is used, and athletes who are active in the first line serve as Bandel's brand ambassador.
BANDEL brand ambassador
Kikuchi Ryosuke (Hiroshima Toyo Carp) · Chiga Otori (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) · Yuta Ikeda (Professional Golfer) · Tada Tada (Hiroshima Dragon Freight)
made in Japan

Please contact us if there is a current storage product, so please contact us.
※ Due to the difference in monitor, the actual product may be different from the actual product by the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting.
※ Design and color scheme, etc. may be partially changed with the actual product, such as the sample shooting image provided by the manufacturer.



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