Golfball Kira KIRA Golf

size: F(F)
Color: Fluorescent Yellow (YELLOW)
Sale price¥ 1,100 JPY


Men's Golf

Brand name
Kira golf ball Casco

Commodity name
Golf ball color ball Kira star high ballistic high brightness Kira cover! 4 colorful color balls

Manufacturer desired retail price
1000 yen (tax)

Notation size
F (f)


Fluorescent yellow

Kira star
Golfer to more fly and cost!
High ballistic dimple 392 dimple to achieve stable ballistics in any velocity and spin regions.
High brightness Kira cover Kira ball★Star original high brightness Kira cover. Achieve the best appearance.
Achieve ease with brightness & feeling up!
High brightness Kira cover
Brighter than conventional models. It has high visibility compared with the price zone.
High intensity dibble
Stable ballistics are realized in all ball first and spin regions.
Large solid core
The core is made to be 8% larger than the conventional model.
2 piece ball: 1 core + 1 cover
Optimum head speed
Feeling / driver e
Feeling / approach
Spin performance / driver e
Spin performance / approach
Ballistic high
Golf ball color ball high ballistic high brightness Kira cover look flying! Colorful color balls
Soft feeling and high ballistic flight become easy.
Kilagaster adopts a new high brightness Kira cover that pursues visibility more than ever.
Head speed: 25 to 48m / S
Feeling soft
Construction: two piece ball
Dimple 392 dimple
Cover: new high brightness Kira cover
Core: high rebound large solid core
Flying! Look! Fun! Colorful quilster!

Enjoy the high quality feeling of hitting in Japan.
In Japan
Made in Japan

Because there is a case that it is possible even if it is possible for the commodity without the present warehouse now, it is possible to inquire.
* there may be differences in the actual product and the color of the product depending on the difference between the monitor and the light beam.
* the sample picture taken from the manufacturer may change the design and the color of the product to the actual product.



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