Golfball Kira KIRA Golf

size: F(F)
Color: White (WHITE)
Sale price¥ 1,100 JPY


Men's Ladies Product Details Golf

brand name
Kira Golf Ball Casco Kira Kasco

Product name
Golf Ball Color Ball KIRA STAR High Ballistic High Brightness KIRA Cover Easy Fall! Colorful color balls The same color 4 pieces and golf golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
1000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (f)


White (White)

For golfers that emphasize flying and cost!
■ High Broad Dimple 392 dimples to realize stable ballistics in every speed area and spin area.
■ High brightness KIRA cover KIRA based on popular cover material and popular cover material★STAR original high brightness KIRA cover. Achieve the best visibility.
Realize easy jump with brightness & feel!
High brightness KIRA cover
Brightly promoted from the conventional model. It boasts a higher visibility than the same price band.
High Barrow Dimble 392
Stable ballistics are realized in all ball initial velocity areas and spin areas.
Large diameter solid core
More than 8% of the cores from conventional models, and high repulsion performance and high bullets have flew away.
2 Piece Ball: 1 Core + 1 Cover
Optimal Head Speed: 25-48
Feeling / Dry Bay: SOFT
Feeling / Approach: SOFT
Spin performance / driver: ordinary
Spin Performance / Approach: Normal
Ballistic: high
Golf Ball Color Ball High Ballistic High Brightness KIRA Cover Easy Fall! Colorful color balls out 4 pieces
Soft feeling and high bullets flew away.
Casters have adopted new brightness KIRA cover that pursued more than ever seen more than ever seen and realize the best appearance.
Best Membrane Head Speed: 25-48m / s
Feeling: (Driver) Software (Approach) Software
Structure: Two-piece ball
Timble: High Ballistic 392 Dimples
Cover: New High Brightness KIRA Cover
Core: High Resilience Large Diameter Solid Core
flied! appear! fun! Colorful chordure!

Enjoy high quality hitting spherical unique to Japanese.
made in Japan

Please contact us if there is a current storage product, so please contact us.
※ Due to the difference in monitor, the actual product may be different from the actual product by the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting.
※ Design and color scheme, etc. may be partially changed with the actual product, such as the sample shooting image provided by the manufacturer.



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