Globe Palette Casco, the gloves, golf, golf, golf

size: S (S)
Color: Turquoise green (113)
Sale price¥ 3,300 JPY


Ladies Products Detail Golf

brand name
Pallet Golf Grove, Casco, Palette Kasco

Product Names
Globe, Hands, Globe, Nail Grove, to the geometry of the geometry. Dieter golf.

Mfg Preferred Retail Price
3,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation Size
S (S) M (M)

Manufacturer size
(S) 17-18 cm
(M) 19-20cm

synthetic leather

Non-slip, air-endurance, comfortable ZUTTFIT-X Palmia

Pink (302) Yellow (401)

A Long Nail with a finger-cutting type and a long-hand glove for the hands of both hands.
Japan-made synthetic leather materials, non-slip airflow for both hands, full weather, endurance, free, durability, rugby,
Oriental Crosscross ZUTTFIT-X is used in the palm of the palm.It is an epoch-making material that combines Toyo-cross's synthetic leather, which is made by special production methods, with its own patterns of embosses, which are excellent non-slip, airflow, durability, and soft philing.It is a unique material.
"Nonslip," which is hard to slip.
The side (Omote) on which the material is gripped ("Omote") also has a strong tuck (viscosity) and it feels like inhaling the skin.The slippere between the hand and the glove is suppressed at the time of the grip. Also, omote has a more concave and convex grip, and the grip force is increasing.A stable grip performance can be achieved even if it rains or sweats.
Comfort, airflow, airdurability, durability.
While there is a moderate thickness, it is comfortably comfortable even if sweat is sweating due to its superior moisture and humidity.They also have high cost performance and high cost performance.
I want to touch you, Marshmallfield.
It is a softness like a marshmallow that always feels like touching.We can enjoy the sense of new sense of new technology born out of a whole new technology.
Parmia in the South
It is specially processed on the surface of a soft layer such as a sponge, and it is very comfortable even in the summer, as it combines the air with a ventilistic and transparent moisture.
Toyo Cross's synthetic leather "Palia"
It was designed so that the forefinger was not sewn on the grip to improve the feering when the grip was held.
The company uses the calogologos used in the products and bags.Simple design band that is easy to coordinate with.
List free
It enables the movement of a more natural wrist, and reduces the sense of indifference during the swing.
Materials: Japanese synthetic leather (ZUTTFIT -X, Palia)

Variations of color
With rich color revaluations, you can coordinate with the wearer in the mood of the day.
in the palm
1. Glid.
Omote crust and Ura (sticky cohesive) are high, and the skin feels like inhalation.Rain and sweat can help achieve a stable grip performance.
2. Mashma Loffir
It is a softness like a marshmallow that always feels like touching.We can enjoy a new sense of feeling born out of a whole new processing technology.
3. Stickling airflow & durability
While there is a moderate thickness, it is good for cost performance, with a tight, humid and air-warmth that is hard to sweat even when it is sweat.
Toyo Cross's synthetic leather "ZUTTFIX-X"
The Koto
Natsu o Ok! Murauneto!
It can be specially processed on the surface of a soft layer such as a sponge, and it can be used comforter even in the summer, as well as through airflow and humid moisture.
Toyo Cross's synthetic leather "Barmia"


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