UV Golf Stoking/Stoking 5-foot Set Porch

Size: L-LL(L-LL)
Color: Beige (N3D)
Sale price¥ 8,250 JPY


Gudd product details

brand name
Extreme-top-foot UV golf stockings

Product Names
Stocking Pantistocking Past UV Golf: Five-foot, set, and a pouch. You can't go on top of your new habituy, your new habits, open-to-slide, not slippery. It's not hot!

Notation Size
[M-L (M-L)] [L-LL (L-LL)]

Real size
[M-L (M-L)] Hipp 85 to 98cm tall, 150 to 165cm tall
[L-LL (L-LL)] Hip 90-100cm tall, 155 to 170 cm tall

Nylon Polyurethane: 85-98cm tall, 150 to 165cm tall

scarcile, five-foot, slider-fasner, poch.

Beige (N3D)

★Rakuten Sox-Ranksankens: First place in a row!!
★Cumulative 5000 legs exceeded!!
★Selling is a rare UV-based stockings that are sold in only two stores, including the "T-on", and not sold anywhere.
★The five-foot set is now on sale in the orchal porch!
★The porch is also used as a small matter case with a slider.
*The color of the porch is not available.Please accept.
★Golf stockings with UV care to show you the highest level of your feet!
★I feel like the sunburn in my legs when I round in a skirt with a strong ultraviolet light.
Even though I've been painting a sunscreen, I feel like I'm shocked to soaking sox for a while.
★Such a new habit of people you don't want to burn!
If you only want to stop the sunburn, the Tugenic will be able to get the 'kiyokkibaki,' which is not a care, and to further strengthen the power of ultraviolet radiation!
★Further, owes!
Three points.
It's a silicon, a silicon, and a powerful smooth stopper.
It's an open-to-type (trenka), so you can catch the ground tight in the back of your feet.
You can see the socks on top and see your bare feet.
My legs look slender!
My legs are slim with the transparency of the extraction.
Nachral 3D collar is a strange illusion which seems to be refresher like sunburn!
The sellite and the tarme on the knee are hard to stand out.
It is a natural form of sternness, which is natural and tightened as a tidal foot.
As a result of tests of 100 female golfers in various skin colors, more than 90 % of the tests are better than 90 % of the color of the beautiful skin!
It looks a little darker in the stockings, but it looks like a sock and a little bit.
It's not hot!
It's a secret in the open to Sarasara + and the knitting of the stocking!
It's not hot because you're adjusting your support to your best.
★"Tugenic" UV golf stockings, a new standard for Lady Golpha, are excellent items that are neither pun and UV care, and neither are they giving up.
★In golf, course, tennis, trekking, and leisure are the UV stocking that is devised by socks, socks, and sneaker styles, as well as a sneaker style that is devised as a boldness of the legs.
★Please wash it in the laundry and wash it in the laundry.
★Enjoy the good of the Japanese-made, good-tailed tails, and the good of the good.
*Note: Regarding the socks, please note that the length of the product is changed slightly depending on the materials, elasticity, and the wearer's body type, which are indicated in the product name as designated by the manufacturer, and that the length of the time when wearing it is changed slightly.
Please note that goods which have been worn only once (with the ungift tag) may be returned or exchanged for exchange.

★Please note that the size of the size is a little bit more error.
★Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.
golf Singles' Day

Buy a 10-foot set and purchase one. Cochilla > > ton-rt-721-set53
I want you to buy one from one foot, Cochila > ton-rt-72153.


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