Arrival at promise hermitage / pressure stockings haze beauty young girl

Size: L
Color: flax color (AMAIRO)
Sale price¥ 4,180 JPY


Brand name
Promise hermitage

Brand name
50 arrival at tights stockings pressure 29hpa haze beauty young girl shear tights denier equivalency

Notation size
【S】 【M】 【L】

Size for maker
Length (aim)
[S] 145-155cm tall Phu Tho 21-23cm
[M] 150-160cm tall Phu Tho 22-24cm
[L] 155-165cm tall Phu Tho 23-25cm
Manager at people (aim)
[S] Hips 80-88cm thigh 46-50cm calf 29-33cm ankle 18-20cm
[M] Hips 85-93cm thigh 48-56cm calf 31-37cm ankle 20-22cm
[L] Hips 90-98cm thigh 52-60cm calf 34-40cm ankle 22-24cm

Nylon polyurethane

Wear; pressure: Ankle 29hpa(22mmHg) moderate pressure

Sumi (SUMI) honey (HATIMITU) peach blossom (TOUKA) yellowish-brown (AMAIRO)

The gem which I developed it, and a historical medical equipment manufacturer produced.
Swelling-free arrival at pressure pantyhose
Young girl series "haze beauty young girl" shear tights, a sumi (corner), honey, a peach blossom, yellowish-brown.
Wear; pressure: Ankle 29 hPa (22mmHg) [moderate pressure]
A cloth thickness: 50 thin denier equivalency
I stand and, not to mention work, going and returning of golf, am recommended in commuting and the daily (cloth is strong and is swelled until the evening and does not know it) of the stylish girl for the beautiful leg for a nurse, the work of the woman doctor again.
The west region fits it softly without tightening it too much.
Seeing from the outside, looked like thin stockings, but got a grip; wear it, and tighten a foot by pressure tightly.
It is made in Japan of the production with a knitting machine of Deutschland Merz company.
I wear good sewing only by the product made in Japan, and, please enjoy the good feeling.
What aimed at "encouragement stockings for you"
Epoch-making gems which generous used knowledge and the experience that an "elasticity stockings maker for medical care" cultivated for the leg which supported you and you who did your best for many years every day and made!
■I was particular about "the sum" and assumed a brand name, the brand name proof with the confidence in good quality made in pure domestic production, Japan.
■The product of the promise hermitage helps circulation of the blood by sprinkling moderate pressure to a leg, and muscle sends blood out and supports action returning.
■I golf and play various sports and I stand and wear desk work, an expensive heel for work, and commuting having a long it, the fatigue of the leg are swelled and get cold…I do not have time to go to both quite good massage and the beauty treatment salon busily every day even if I want to care!
■"The promise hermitage" meets a voice of such you.
■Produce arrival at pressure stockings as the medical equipment for many years, and the maker which sold sends it to the woman who held the trouble of the general leg for the first time; wear; pressure stockings.
■You can choose the pressure by coercion, moderate pressure, weak pressure and the state of preference and the leg.
[as for the list of products of the promise hermitage]This
※[attention] When I relate to stockings leggings socks, I list it with a brand name according to designation of the maker and list maker notation size, but besides ask by the material of the product, elasticity, the figure of the wearer to have you purchase that length when he/she wore it changes slightly after understanding it.
In a property, approve the product which was worn (the state that a product tag was taken off) once because you cannot accept returned goods, exchange.

★In the case of S, M L, LL size, I convert it into average size of Japan.
★Approve the some errors about the size.
★Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
golf Singles' Day
スポーツ観戦 ゴルフ観戦 旅行 おしゃれ 動きやすい


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