Size: L(L)
Color: Jet black (SIKKOKU)
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Women's item details

Brand name
Yakusoku-an Temple

Product name
Socks pressure high socks medium pressure back pile heat insulation cat tail pressure 24hpa 130 denier equivalent supporter

Notation size
M(M) L(L)

Manufacturer-compatible size
< M > height 150-160cm foot 22-24cm
ー L ー height 155-165cm foot 23-25cm
Perimeter (approximate)
< M>hip 85-93cm thigh 48-56cm calf 31-37cm ankle 20-22cm
hip 90-98cm thigh 52-60cm calf 34-40cm ankle 22-24cm

Nylon polyester Cupra polyurethane

Pressure: 24hpa medium pressure back pile insulation warm material 130 denier equivalent moisture absorption heat generation


It is a pressure-fitting high socks developed and manufactured by a historical medical device manufacturing company.
Warm series"cat's tail"jet black color of middle thick high socks under the knee.
Pressure: ankle 24hPa (18mmHg) [medium pressure]
Fabric thickness: medium thickness equivalent to 130 denier.
For outings
The back is a warm wearing comfort in pile-like (Mokomoko fabric).
The ankle has a pattern that enhances the fit.
The mouth rubber has a structure that is difficult to bite into.
The moisture-absorbing heat-generating material is brushed by the air layer to make it warmer.
Soft texture by using micro-type yarn.
Warm material that is not easy to stuff.
This medium pressure type when walking around outside all day!!
We have prepared a type of medium pressure and strong pressure so that the pressure can be changed depending on the application.The pressure isHere.
Heat retention, warm material, anti-puffiness, recovery, compression
For all women who are concerned about swelling
Daly, of course, is also in the sport.
Golf to walk well,women of work with a lot of standing work, female doctors, nurses,of course, to the woman of the beautiful leg hope that swelling of the work of sitting desk work, etc. is worrisome!
A casual type that can be worn in golf, standing work, female doctor, nurse, daily.
Knitting is mesh-like and it is a finish that is hard to stuff.
It is made in Japan of the knitting machine of Deutschland Merz company.
We aim at " encouragement stockings for you」
For you who work hard every day, and legs to support you,"Medical elastic stockings"manufacturers have been cultivated for many years of knowledge and experience were made using the breakthrough gem!
The brand name and product name also stick to"Japanese", it was a proof with confidence in the quality of pure domestic and made in Japan.
Yakusoku-an's products help blood circulation by applying moderate pressure on the legs, and support the action of the muscles to pump blood and return it.
Golf, various sports, standing work desk work, wearing high heels, long commute, tired legs, swelling, cold...even if you want to care, busy every day, there is no time to go to massage or esthetics!"Yakusoku-an" responds to such a voice of you.
For many years, we have been manufacturing and selling pressure-fitting stockings as medical devices, and for the first time, we have delivered pressure-fitting stockings to women who have problems with their legs.
Pressure can also be selected depending on your preference and leg condition: high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure.
[The list of products of Yakusoku-an IS HERE】
Please enjoy the good tailoring unique to Japan and the good comfort of wearing.
※ < Attention > regarding socks, etc., it is described under the product name as specified by the manufacturer, and we measure the exact size in a flat State in our company, but please note that the length of the time when you wear it will change slightly depending on the material of the product, elasticity, and the body shape of the wearer.
In nature,once worn (product tag was removed state) commodity returned goods, please understand that we can not accept exchange.

Please understand the slight error about the size.
Please contact us for items that do not currently have a warehouse.
※By the condition of the light beam at the time of the difference of the monitor, shooting, there is a case that the color taste is slightly different from the actual product.
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