T-Shirt Haynes Japan Regular Spring-summer 2021 New

size: L(L)
color: White (010)
Sale price¥ 3,190 JPY


Men's Product Details Golf Wear

Brand name
Haynes Hanes Japan Genuine

Product name
T-shirt Short Sleeve Crew Neck Undershirt Mesh Tone Material Quick Dry Lightweight Sweat Chill Prevention Speed Deodorization Stretch Golf Wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
2,900 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
M(M) L(L) LL(XL)

Manufacturer-ready size
M Chest circumference 88-96cm
L Chest circumference 96-104cm
LL Chest Circumference 104-112cm

Polypropylene 55% Polyester 45%

Stretch Elasticity Quick Drying Lightweight Deodorant Deodorant Sweat Chill Prevention

White (010)

Nano DRY BASE LAYER crew neck T-shirt made of ultralight fiber polypropylene floating in water and polyester cross mesh material with excellent quick drying.
It achieves overwhelming light weight and excellent quick drying, keeps the skin surface dry at all times, and reduces sweat sticking and sweat cooling.
The same panel switching specifications from the side to the underso sleeves and the long tail design that fits well to the bottoms improve comfort in both ease of movement and comfort, and reduce stress per skin by sewing flat seamers.
It is a speed deodorization function that quickly deodorizes the smell of sweat.
The package is a pouch type with gusset and can be reused for small items.
〈Ultra-light and ultra-quick drying mesh〉
Lightweight, quick-drying, deodorant
Three-dimensional cutting design ...
-Adopts a three-dimensional pattern that maximizes motority and comfort when worn
Ultra-light, ultra-quick drying...
- Ultra-light fiber polypropylene floating in water and polyester cross mesh material with excellent quick drying
Sweat chill prevention ...
● Maintain a comfortable comfort that is always exposed to the skin surface without being sticky
- Base layer ideal for outdoor sports scenes active all season
Speed deodorization ...
- Use deodorant coamicin yarn (suitor C) in the side part
● Quickly deodorize odors such as sweat
● Deodorizing effect recovers every time you wash
T-shirt Short Sleeve Crew Neck Undershirt Crew Neck T-shirt Inner Shirt Mesh Material
Quick Drying Lightweight Sweat Chill Prevention Speed Deodorization Stretch Camping For Trekking Travel
All Haynes handled by 〈T-on〉, it is a Japanese regular product. Please purchase with confidence.

For products that are not currently available, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
※ There is a case that the color taste is slightly different from the actual product depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the ray at the time of shooting.



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