Ergo Grip Ergo Grip /One-handed Glove Golf for Left Hand

Size: 25(25)
Color: Black (BK-L)
Sale price¥ 2,090 JPY


Men's Product Details Golf

Name of the brand
Ergo-Grip Ergo Grip

Name of the product
Glove One Hand Gloves For Left Hand Golf Gloves All Weather Gloves Synthetic Leather Outstanding Fit Pursuit Of Gripability! Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
1900 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
22(22) 23(23) 24(24) 25(25) 26(26)

Manufacturer-compatible size
Corresponding size 22 22cm 23 23cm 24 24cm 25 25cm 26cm

Synthetic leather nylon polyester

Black (BK-L) White × Black (WH-BK-L) White × Red (WH-RD-L)

It is an all-weather one-handed (left hand) glove of the ergonomic three-dimensional golf glove "Ergo Grip".
It is a three-dimensional cutting according to the state of the natural finger which pulled out the most power, it is easy to grip it with the feeling like a real hand, and it is a feature that it is hard to get tired even if I wear it for a long time.
Soft, stretchy synthetic leather is excellent in fit and can cope with various movements by using knit material partially on the joints and back of the finger.
By adopting a new leather that penetrates sweat and rain, it realizes a strong grip that is softer and does not slip than conventional leather, and the feeling of wearing is comfortable.
It is a simple design that is easy to match with the wear.
It is possible to wash the whole thing.
Gloves "Ergo Grip" recognized in the world and Japan
Sports gloves in pursuit of ease of grasping
Ergonomically designed to fit the fingers in the most out-of-the-way natural state and in a curved shape.
It reduces the wear and tear of grip when gripting, and realizes gloves that are hard to get tired even if worn for a long time.
It is a technology that pursues ease of grip with excellent fit.
Three-dimensional curves researched and designed based on ergonomics.
Designed in a curved shape to match the fingers in the most out-of-the-way natural state.
Reduces grip wear and tear when gripting.
The joint on the flat side of the finger is cut into one part at a time, and it is sewn three-dimensionally in the shape that the finger is bent.
It is a precise and advanced technology that fits the hand and pursues ease of grip.
Because of the shape bent to the finger from the beginning, wrinkles and yore are less likely to occur when gripped, and it can grip accurately.
By designing the position of the seam of the joint to fit between the fingers, smooth feeling of use and grip without discomfort are achieved.
All-weather type It is strong even if it gets wet!
Ease of grasping of the sense of the body
Three-dimensional sewing that is hard to get tired
Excellent grip
One-handed Gloves Left Hand Gloves Golf Gloves All-Weather Gloves

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