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Size: S(S)
Color: Black (D197)
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Name of the brand
Dron × Doron × Phiten

Name of the product
Compression Wear Long Sleeve Shirt Underwear Inner Shirt Pressure Soft Series Finest Stretch Material UV Cut

Notation size
S(S) M(M) L(L) LL(XL)

Manufacturer-compatible size
S(S) Chest circumference 82-92cm
M(M) Chest circumference 88-98cm
L(L) Chest circumference 94-104cm
LL(XL) Chest circumference 100-110cm

Polyester 85% Polyurethane 15%

Stretch UV Cut Sweating Quick Drying Antibacterial Deodoration Step-by-step Pressure Structure Recovery Effect With Storage Bag

Black (D197)

It is a compression long sleeve shirt of the soft touch like silk.
It is a long sleeve shirt of the soft type using the highest quality material made in Japan.
The design has been renewed, and a new waist support function has been added.
The Soft Series
This series is silky, elastic, quick-drying perspiration, excellent UV control performance, and emphasizes comfort. From outdoor sports aimed at UV protection, it is preferred by those who are not good at tightening, beginners in compression wear, top athletes who have muscles(athletes who want to smooth muscle movement).
Main Features

The waist support function is arranged.
Soft and soft fit
Comfort integrated with the skin
Water absorption quick-drying
UV control performance
Step-by-step pressure design

Recommended for such a person
Those who place importance on comfort and touch
Those who have anxiety in the waist, sports that put a burden on the waist, those who operate
Those who are not good at pressure wear (tightening)
Those who have never wore pressure wear and are worried about tightening
Those who have completed muscles (athletes who want to smoother muscle movement, etc.)

The size should give priority to the chest circumference.
S size ≪ chest circumference 82-92 p≫ ≪ height 155-167 p≫
M size ≪ chest circumference 88-98 p≫ ≪ height 164-176 p≫
L size ≪ chest circumference 94-104 p≫ ≪ height 173-185 p≫
XL size ≪ chest circumference 100-110 p≫ ≪ height 182-194 p≫

Fabric:Made in Japan

The yarn of the highest quality is knitted in the factory in Japan.
SOFT SERIES Finest Stretch
A good fit that gently wraps the muscles.
The soft fabric woven with ultra-fine yarn achieves a soft comfort that seems to be integrated with the skin.
Allows for smoother movement comfortably without stressing the body.

----aqua titanium impregnated ---
Titanium with water-dissolved metal technology by Fayten is decomposed into water at the nano level and impregnated into fabric fibers. (Normal about 30 concentrations for all fabrics: x30)
It brings out the original power of the body and leads to a relaxed state.
--- (Teami) Warp Knitted ---
Adopts trans-warp knit to create a more stable pressure

- Compression Wear
Reduces excess muscle vibration and reduces wasteful energy consumption and divergence
--- step-by-step pressure structure---
Increase pressure strength from the upper arm (thigh) to the wrist (ankle) to promote blood flow
--- waist support---
Stabilize the body's axis "waist" and lead to the best performance
UV control
Perspiration and quick drying
Antibacterial and deodories
Recovery effect
When wearing, please extend the sleeve of the shirt and the hem of the tights, and pass it to the limbs.
We use delicate materials. Please pay attention to the caught corner etc. enough.

Compression Wear Long Sleeve Underwear Innerwear Inner Shirt
Small size

Please understand some errors in size.
Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.
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