Indigo Dyeing Pressure Supporter/Pressure Leggings

Size: L(L)
Color: One diaphragm (ICHIRIN)
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The lady's product details

Brand name
Arrival at indigo dyeing pressure supporter

Brand name
Fatigue caused by one arrival at leggings pressure leggings indigo dyeing leggings ten minutes length leggings diaphragm hand dyeing stage pressure design UV cut 吸放湿性 24hpa swelling care

Notation size
M(M) L(L)

Size for maker
M 150-160cm tall hips 85-93cm thigh 48-56cm calf 31-37cm ankle 20-22cm
L 155-165cm tall hips 90-98cm thigh 52-60cm calf 34-40cm ankle 22-24cm

Full scale size
M(M) inseam 61cm
L(L) inseam 67cm

Cupra rayon polyester polyurethane

Arrival at stretch stage pressure UV cut 放熱性吸放湿性抗菌防臭

One diaphragm (ICHIRIN)

Wear; pressure X Awa indigo plant
Japan blue proud of to the world to a bare leg.
Legware only in the politics which two encounters produce
The Japan blue which I wear it, and is proud of pressure leggings to the world which put a study on a technique of 70 can be dyed.
"Which cultivated in a product for medical care is high in present, us that value of the Japan blue is reevaluated from the world; wore it, and, based on pressure technology", developed a product utilized the tradition beauty of the Awa indigo plant. As for the technique to support the beauty of the leg and a healthy living, the leg wear which I just finished dyeing by one pair in natural dye carefully expresses the charm that genuine Japan blue has in the present age. I wear mysterious Japan blue proud of to the world to a foot, and, please transform yourself into oneself that both the heart and the body are new.
Total cure for good life
A texture and a color, the handle of which are born by making one pair of one pair of hand dyeing in the world only as for one.
I wear it, and a pressure function fixes the means of transportation beautifully, and the pattern of the indigo dyeing tradition adds activeness.
Not to mention golf, I support beauty and health to an everyday fashion item for relieving fatigue of the overall sports.
I serve antibacterial to an indigo plant and am said to be it when there are an insecticide, prevention of decay, deodorization, thermal insulation, humidity retention, various effects including the ultraviolet rays cover.
In late years I am used as baby clothes of the babies and am said to be it even if there is an effect for the prevention, palliation of atopic dermatitis of the small child.

■Wear; a pressure technology
Take care of swelling, fatigue; a beautiful leg effect
Stage pressure design to promote bloodstream
I make it easy to assist muscle pump action by wearing it, and pressing muscle and a vein by pressure legware, and to carry blood.

Five good points
■Hue to change
A color changes so as to take light, and to touch the air, and to embezzle it. You can enjoy the change as one of the beauty.
■Growth is good and is easy to wear it
I just fit the movement of the body without slacking without exchanging violent arm thrusts when I wear it.
■It is hard to be filled with heat and is comfortable
Because it is exothermal and is superior, it is comfortable at the time of the hot time and exercise.
■吸放湿性 of the level equal to cotton
Because I use a thread controlling moisture in superior absorbency, I am not sticky.
■Expensive UV cut rate
Because a cut rate of UV-B becoming the cause of a stain, freckles uses a high thread, I can spend it in peace the outdoors where there are many ultraviolet rays.

・It is leggings of the feel that was smooth by software (コンプレッションウエア).
・With arrival at pressure of the ankle part as the most coercion (24 hPa), it is for niceness setting to sprinkle it on a thigh from an ankle, and to gradually decompress.
・It is with two and a few color, pattern in the world simply because I dye natural indigo by one pair of one pair hearty manual labor.
・By special processing finish, I make discoloration color migration reduction.
・I can maintain a feeling of comfortable fitting by using special polyurethane.
・There is 吸放湿性 and realizes easy feel. Staying has little heat and is the raw thread which is high in the UV cut rate.
・Not to mention golf, I am suitable for fatigue care of the overall sports, swelling of the long-time vehicle movement, economy-class syndrome measures.

A pattern name: One diaphragm
A design like the indigo dyeing that classified the design with the diaphragm into one fold. A diaphragm accentuates and is the finish which is impressive although being simple.

Other patterns prepare, too. Look by all means.
It is gradually Dandan ton-alg-281
The gradation design which I run to an ankle, and becomes thin is an original dyed design.
I can enjoy various hues of the indigo dyeing.

Two diaphragmston-alg-481
A design like the indigo dyeing that I classified the design with the diaphragm into double. It is the finish which a diaphragm accentuates, and is impressive in spite of being シンプルン.

Cluster of cloudston-alg-181
A traditional design to produce the pattern such as a blue cloud opening in the sky. It features an indigo plant and the white refreshing expression that mingled.

The fire of the indigo plant dances, and the mysterious design to be created by twisting it is finished to a handle of full of the dance ているような dynamism.

Is proud to the world; wear it, and send the beauty and health in a pressure technology
Toko Inc. is stockings maker with the history of establishment of a business 70. It is enforcement by production, sale such as stockings by high technology and daring product development capability to a base for women and various foundations, the healthy underwear. I succeeded in the development of the first medical stockings in the domestic socks industry in 1987 and acquired the industry's first medical device manufacturing industry permission and continued the challenge which was always new as a pioneer of the industries. Repeated it in future; "wear; make use of a pressure technology" to the maximum, and will plan the house brand development that featured the theme of" beauty and healthy ". Please pay attention to "Toko brand" in the future.

※I save an original product to produce by one pair of one pair of hand dyeing, and there is the case that the light and shade of the color, the placement of the handle of are slightly different from an image product. Thank you for your understanding.
※Of the color, please do not wash it together that is different.
I wear good sewing only by the product made in Japan, and, please enjoy 良 さををお of the feeling.
※〈 attention 〉 When relate to leggings, list it with a brand name according to designation of the maker; in us flat; put it, and measure exact size size in a state, and list it, but besides ask by the material of the product, elasticity, the figure of the wearer to have purchase that length when wore it changes slightly after understanding it.
In a property, approve the product which was worn (the state that a product tag was taken off) once because you cannot accept returned goods, exchange.

Approve the some errors about the size.
Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
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