High pressure socks / pressure socks

Size: (L)
Color: Black (BLACK)
Sale price¥ 1,980 JPY


Ladies Golf

Brand name
Day re: day

Commodity name
High socks socks socks socks

Manufacturer desired retail price
1800 yen (tax)

Notation size
(m) (L)

Manufacturer size
M: height 150-16cm cm 21-37cm ankle 220-22cm foot 24-24cm
L: height: 155-165 cm

M (m) heels up to 29.5cm manufacturer
L (L) heels up to 30cm manufacturer

Nylon polyurethane

Pressure resistant ankle length 27 HPA

Black green (chocolate) Khaki

High pressure pressure socks made by medical stockings
It is a countermeasure while being fashionable!
Color color socks
A tight leg
Rex: Daisy's support socks are 6 colors, which can correspond to various scenes, and the pressure of the pressure of 27 HPA from the pressure of the 1st leg, and the pressure of the stage pressure which weakened to the It can be a beautiful leg only by wearing.

Staged pressure design based on medical stocking design theory

Comfortable leg rigging is brought to you by the pressure resistant design by the manufacturer who has been constantly pulling the industry as an Iowa of medical elastic stockings.

Leg line!
Beauty leg care every morning! Lymph!
Clear! Balance up!

UV cut shielding rate
UV screening rate
Because it is a material that extends, the number of the shielding rate is somewhat changed depending on the color to which it is worn and the color chosen. The cut rate inspection is carried out in the boken quality evaluation organization.
It is said that the pressure is obtained in the body part by clothes.
Pressure is said to exert various effects on the body
It is used in every scene.
It is also used as a disaster prevention goods at the time of bedtime, the thing which is utilized in daily sleep, and disaster.
In this way, pressure is becoming familiar with many people.

01. Always find the color you want
It is rich in color variation and does not get lost in daily code. The color that I found is surely found. It corresponds to various scenes from the clean system to the cute system.
Thread with strong strength
It was 80 cm thick thick thread and very strong. Protects your feet from cold.
03. Beautiful legs
Leg pressure pressure, leg pressure design, leg pressure weakening! It is excellent to be able to carry out the countermeasure while fashioning.

Here is an OPP package for the package621-63201

Death work flight plan

Please enjoy the good quality of Japanese tailoring and comfort.
In Japan
Please note that the length of the shoe is changed depending on the material of the product, the stretchability, and the shape of the wearer I hope you will raise it.
Please note that the product (once the item tag has been removed) cannot be returned or exchanged.
Golf Watch

Please note that there are some errors in size.
Because there is a case that it is possible even if it is possible for the commodity without the present warehouse now, it is possible to inquire.
* depending on the difference between the monitor and the light on the camera


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