Marie Claire sporting Marie Claire sport

size: L-LL(L-LL)
color: Sunny Brown (BE)
Sale price¥ 1,870 JPY


Ladies Golf

Brand name
Marie Claire sport Marie Claire sport

Commodity name
Golf ball stocking ball

Manufacturer desired retail price
1700 yen (tax)

Notation size
M-L (M-L) l-ll (l-ll)

Manufacturer size
Hip (85 L) hip 85-93 cm height
L-90-2cm height

Nylon polyurethane

UV cut antibacterial odor

Sunny Brown

How to make stockings how to make stocking
Please enjoy the good quality of the tailoring made in Japan.
Note that tights and stockings are described in the name of the product as specified by the manufacturer, and the size of the actual size is measured in the flat state, and it is described by the material of the commodity, the stretchability, and the body type of the wearer, and the length of the wearing is changed somewhat Thank you for your purchase.
Please note that the product (once the item tag has been removed) cannot be returned or exchanged.
In Japan

Because there is a case that it is possible even if it is possible for the commodity without the present warehouse now, it is possible to inquire.
* there may be differences in the actual product and the color of the product depending on the difference between the monitor and the light beam.



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