Lady / compression socks with tubular package

Size: L(L)
Color: Armygray)
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Ladies Product Details Golf

brand name

Product name
Socks High Socks Active Wearing Pressure Ankle 24hpa Heather Design Stage Wearing Pressure Swelling Countermeasures Legs Economy Class Syndrome Countermeasures Cylindrical Packaged Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
1800 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
M (M) L (L)

Manufacturer compatible size
M: Height 150-160 cm Calf 31-37 cm Ankle 20-22 cm Foot 22-24 cm
L: Height 155-165 cm, calf 34-40 cm, ankle 22-24 cm, foot 23-25 ​​cm

M (M) 27.5cm above the heel Manufacturer's size 22-24cm
L (L) 29.5cm above the heel Manufacturer's size 23-25cm

nylon, polyurethane

Pressure Ankle 24hPa Calf 17hPa UV Cut Shielding rate 99.6%

Army Gray (ARMY GRAY) Gray Black (GRAY BLACK) Pink Gray (PINKGRAY) Yellow Green (YEGR)

ACTIVE high socks
Staged compression design based on the design theory of medical stockings
As a pioneer of medical elastic stockings, we have always been a leader in the industry, and we will deliver a comfortable leg life with the carefully selected compression design by the manufacturer.
Clean leg line in the morning!
Beautiful leg care every morning! Lymphatic tour!
Refreshing swelling! Balance up!

UV cut shielding rate 99.6%
About UV shielding rate
Since it is a stretchable material, the value of the shielding rate will vary slightly depending on the person who wears it and the color you choose. UV cut rate inspection is conducted by the Boken Quality Evaluation Organization.
What is pressure?
It is the pressure that is applied to a part of the body by wearing clothes.
It is said that the pressure applied has various effects on the body.
It is used in every scene.
It has come to be used as a daily use item, a bedtime item, and a disaster prevention item in the event of a disaster.
In this way, wearing pressure has become a familiar presence that is close to the lives of many people.

-Uses characteristic threads-

01. Lightly stretches and provides firm support
By using a raw yarn that has a very small decrease in power during stretching and recovery, it follows the movement of the body and is less likely to shift or slip.
02. Demonstrate support even at low temperatures
Even in sports and working at low temperatures, it exhibits the same stretch characteristics as normal temperature and has excellent stretch recovery.

Click here for Yu-Pake compatible OPP of the same product597-60401

Desk work Travel Business trip Airplane Shinkansen Long-distance bus Economy class Syndrome measures Date Fashionable work Beautiful legs

Please enjoy the good tailoring and comfort that are unique to Japan.
* For socks, leggings, etc., the product name is as specified by the manufacturer, and we measure the actual size in a flat state and describe it, but the material, elasticity, wearer of the product Please note that the length of the item may vary slightly depending on your body type.
Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for products that have been worn once (with the product tag removed).
* This product is not a medical device
Watching sports Golf watching Travel Fashionable and easy to move

Please note that there may be some errors regarding the size.
Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.



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