Day/Pressure Arm Cover Cylindrical Package

Size: L(L)
Color: Blue (BLUE)
Sale price¥ 1,980 JPY


Men's Women's Products Details Golf

Name of the brand
Reday RE:Day

Name of the product
Arm Cover Running Sleeve Stage Pressure Arm For Elbow Forearm 18hPa Sports Fatigue Reduction Compression Running Sport Tubular Package Included Present! Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
1800 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
S(S) M(M) L(L)

Manufacturer-compatible size
S: Wrist 12-14cm
M: Wrist 14-16cm
L: Wrist 16-18cm

Size of the actual size
S(S) 34.5cm in length
M(M) 36cm in length
L(L) 37.5cm in length

Polyester Nylon Polyurethane

Pressure Fore arm 18hPa UV cut shielding rate 99.9%

Blue (BLUE) Green (GREEN) Red (RED) Yellow (YELLOW)

SPORT Sports Running Sleeves
As a pioneer in medical elastic stockings, we continue to lead the industry, and we deliver a comfortable sports life by carefully designing the pressure by manufacturers.
Moderate tightening suppresses the useless movement of the muscles and reduces fatigue. In addition, it can be expected to prevent energy loss and perform close to ideal performance.
Designed with natural curves, it reduces stress caused by arm flexion during running.
Step-by-step pressure design based on the design theory of medical stockings
Lymphatic Tour!
It's so refreshing!
Balance up!
Stage pressure running sleeve Jacquard logo design accents!
Golf Fatigue Reduction Daily Running Fitness Sports Walking Compression Items

UV-cut shielding rate 99.9%
UV shielding rate
Because it is a material that extends, the numerical value of the shielding rate changes slightly depending on the person who is worn and the color chosen. The Boken Quality Evaluation Organization conducted a UV cut rate inspection.
What is pressure?
The pressure obtained on the part of the body by clothing.
It is said that pressure has various effects on the body.
It is used in every scene.
It has become known as something to use on a daily basis, something to use at bedtime, and disaster prevention goods in the event of a disaster.
In this way, pressure has become a familiar presence close to the lives of many people.

Use a thread with a characteristic
01.Comfortable stretching
There is little feeling of tightening even in the silhouette along the body line, and it expands and contracts freely according to the movement of the body. Stretching time and recovery
02.Morphological resilience
The helical molecular structure, such as a spring, provides form resilience that makes it "back" even when motion is added. It is hard to become a wrinkle and maintains a beautiful silhouette by suppressing the shape collapse. Even if it is washed repeatedly, there is little growth and shrinking, and dimensional stability is excellent.
03.Soft feeling
You can wear it comfortably with the softness of the fabric you feel the moment you touch it.
04.Support power even at low temperatures
Even in sports and working at low temperatures, it exhibits the same elasticity at room temperature and is excellent in stretch recovery.

The Yu-Pake corresponding package of the same product is here.565-57601

Please enjoy the good tailoring and comfort unique to Japan.
Regarding arm covers, etc., please note that the length at the time of wearing will change slightly depending on the material of the product, elasticity, and the body shape of the wearer, although the actual size is measured and described in our company as specified by the manufacturer.
This product is not a medical device.

Please understand some errors in size.
Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.



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