Redy/Pressure Leggings

Size: L(L)
Color: Armygray)
Sale price¥ 3,300 JPY


Women's Products Details Golf Wear

Name of the brand
Reday RE:Day

Name of the product
Leggings Pressure Ankle 24hpa Tone Design Stage Pressure Leggings Anti-Beauty Leg Yoga Fitness Also Yu-Pake-compatible Package Golf Wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
3000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
M(M) L(L)

Manufacturer-compatible size
M : Height 150-160cm Thigh 48-56cm Calf 31-37cm Ankle 20-22cm
L : Height 155-165cm Thigh 52-60cm Calf 34-40cm Ankle 22-24cm

Size of the actual size
M(M) Total length 73cm
L(L) Total length 78cm
Please check the illustration page here for details of the actual size measurement site.

Nylon polyurethane

Pressure Ankle 24hPa Calf 17hPa UV Cut Shielding Rate 99.6%

Army Grey (ARMYGRAY) Gray Black (GRAY BLACK) Pink Gray (PINKGRAY) Yellow Green (YEGR)

ACTIVE leggings
Step-by-step pressure design based on the design theory of medical stockings
We deliver comfortable leg lying with a special pressure design by manufacturers that has always led the industry as an Oaionia of medical elastic stockings.
The leg line is refreshing in the morning!
Beautiful Legs Care Every Morning! Lymphatic Tour!
It's so refreshing! Balance up!

UV-cut shielding rate 99.6%
UV shielding rate
Because it is a material that extends, the numerical value of the shielding rate changes slightly depending on the person who is worn and the color chosen. The Boken Quality Evaluation Organization conducted a UV cut rate inspection.
What is pressure?
The pressure obtained on the part of the body by clothing.
It is said that pressure has various effects on the body.
It is used in every scene.
It has become known as something to use on a daily basis, something to use at bedtime, and disaster prevention goods in the event of a disaster.
In this way, pressure has become a familiar presence close to the lives of many people.

Use a thread with a characteristic

01.Lightly stretched and firmly supported
By using the original yarn, which reduces the power at the time of stretching and recovery is very small, it follows the movement of the body, making it difficult to shift up and down.
02.Support power even at low temperatures
Even in sports working at low temperatures, it exhibits the same stretch characteristics at room temperature and has excellent stretch resilience.

The tube type package which is perfect for the present of the same product is here.706-71301

Desk Work Travel Business Trip Airplane Shinkansen Long Distance Bus Economy Class Syndrome Measures Date Fashionable Office Work Corde Beautiful Legs
Yoga, Fitness, Beautiful Legs
Please enjoy the good tailoring and comfort unique to Japan.
Regarding leggings, etc., please note that the length at the time of wearing will change slightly depending on the material of the product, elasticity, and the body shape of the wearer, although the actual size is measured and described in the company by the product name as specified by the manufacturer.
Due to its nature, we will not be able to return or exchange products that have been worn once (with the product tag removed).
Sports Watching Golf WatchIng Travel Clothes Fashionable Easy to Move

Please understand some errors in size.
Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.


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