V12 Vi Twelve / Caddy Bag Cover V12 Exclusive 8.5-inch Golf

Size: (8-5)
Color: Multi-star white (WHITE)
Sale price¥ 38,500 JPY


Men's Women's Product Details Golf

brand name
V12 Golf Vi Twelve

Product name
Caddy bag Caddy bag cover V12 exclusive 8.5 type dress-up cover separately MULTI STAR Golf

Notation size

Manufacturer compatible size
8.5 type compatible

Polyester canvas

Detachable pocket (1)

Multistar White (WHITE)

This dress-up cover is exclusively for the [V12] caddy bag.
[Dedicated dress-up cover sold separately] This is a caddy bag that can be dressed up [dedicated dress-up cover separately].
The MULTI STAR cover, which is studded with countless stars, is sold separately.
With one removable side pocket, it can also be used as a cart pouch.
Change the caddy bag as if you were changing clothes♪
A set of caddy bag body and cover is also available.
Please see the V12 product page for details.
Introduced in many other golf magazines such as "EVEN", "Regina", and "LEON", it is a hot topic! !! !! Rare! Limited quantity production with few stores! For golfers who are sensitive to fashion! I want to enjoy caddy bags as fashionably as fashion! The "dress-up caddy bag" T-on has landed so that you can hear the golfer's "waiting" voice! By using Wraptec, a uniquely developed dress-up caddy bag system (patent pending), we are entering an era where caddy bags can be colored in the same way as choosing hats and polo shirts.
If you have one caddy bag body so that you can enjoy coordination on the fairway, you can change the cover according to your mood.
The pouch attached to the cover can be removed and can be used as a single pouch.
Not to mention the play, the visual is also gorgeous! It is a gem that I would like to recommend to golfers with such high fashion sensitivity.
■ What is Wraptec? This is a system originally developed by [V12] that allows you to change the caddy bag body to your favorite design.
You can easily put on and take off your clothes with snap buttons.
It is a fashion item that you can enjoy a caddy bag according to your mood, just like choosing a hat or polo shirt.

Please note that there may be some errors regarding the size.
Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.
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Please note that wrapping is not permitted for large items such as caddy bags and Boston bags.


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