[50% OFF Sale] Bantelin Kowa / Footkree Exclusive Left and Right Common 1 Piece Supporter

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Size: L (larger)
Color: Black (BK)
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Name of the brand

Name of the product
Foot-click-only left and right common one-piece supporter

Notation size
[M (normal)] [L (larger)] [L (larger)]

Size of the actual size
[S (small)] manufacturer corresponding foot length 22-24cm
[M (normal)] manufacturer corresponding foot length 24-26cm
[L (larger)] manufacturer corresponding foot length 26-28cm



Black (BK)

★It is familiar in TVCM where Tomoe Arimura pro is an image character♪I'm a supporter of Banterinkova.
★It was designed based on the theory of "life taping" used to support daily life.
★Three types of nylon fibers with different expansion and contraction ratios are adopted. Various knitting methods were combined and sewn three-dimensionally. (Compression 3D molded knitting).
★It fits flexibly to the movement of the joint. Moderate tightening prevents deviations and deviations.
★By adopting a fier-eight structure, it is easy to walk to suppress the blur of the ankle.
★By raising the foot without stepping, the movement of the foot becomes smooth, it is hard to get tired, and it is easy to walk.
★The upper and lower anchors are tightened moderately to prevent the supporter from rising and going up and down, and to stabilize the figure-eight and arch-up functions.
★[Small size available]
MADE IN (Japan)

★Please understand some errors in size.
★Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.
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