Shoe bag Tommy Hilfiger Golf Japan genuine TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF

size: F(F)
Color: Black (10)
Sale price¥ 6,600 JPY


Men's Women's Product Details Golf

brand name
Tommy Hilfiger Golf TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF Japan genuine

Product name
Shoe bag Shoe case Separate storage type Bicolor design Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
6000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (F)

Actual size
F (F) One side: Length 37 cm Width (bottom) 16 cm Town 9 cm


Fastener specifications

Black (10)

A shoe case that can be stored separately one by one.
Supports up to 30 cm spike shoes.
Since the joint part is made of Velcro so that it can be separated one by one, it is an excellent design that can be stored one by one according to the size of the pocket.
Shoe bag Shoe case Separate storage type Separate type Bicolor design Logo print Flag rubber emblem
All Tommy Hilfiger Golf products handled by are genuine Japanese products. Please purchase with confidence.
For going back and forth in golf!

Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.



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