Boston Bag Tommy Hilfiger Golf TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF Japanese Regular 2020 Fall/Winter New

Size: F (f)
Color: Brown beige (29)
Sale price¥ 12,100 JPY


I send it out by an order until 13:00 on that day (long-term suspension of business is excluded order / Sunday except some products)

Men's lady's product details golf

Brand name
トミーヒルフィガーゴルフ TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF Japanese regular article

Brand name
Boston bag big tote bag coloring tote bag polyester canvas material solid logo golf

Maker hope retail price
11,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Notation size

Full scale size
F(F) 34cm in height side (bottom) 45cm durability 手含縦 58cm short durability 手含縦 40cm pocket three that I wait, and has a long 19cm


Fastener specifications

Brown beige (29) navy (30) orange (46)

Three-dimensional logo work improves sense of quality.
With a steering wheel (holdings & shawl) of two kinds of length, the convenience is distinguished, too.
The opening is a reliable design of sky gusset fastener specifications.
Boston bag coloring tote bag big tote bag polyester canvas material solid logo
〈 T-on 〉 All トミーヒルフィガーゴルフ which で collecting handling breaks is Japanese regular products. Please purchase it in peace.

Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.
Because you decline lapping, approve the large product of a caddie bag and the Boston bag.



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