Long pants, Tommy Hilfiger, and HILFIGER GOLF GOLF Japan Fall of 2021

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size: L(L)
Color: White (00)
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Ladies' Products Detailed Golfware

brand name
Tommy Hilfiger: Golf TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF Nippon Noronhon

Product Names
Pants long pants, stretches, waist, rubber, rubber surfaces, bum-haired, baky pants, and embroidery, gor

Mfg Preferred Retail Price
14000 yen (by tax)

Notation Size
S (S) M (M) L (L) LL (LL)

Manufacturer size
S West 58-64cm
M West 61 to 67 cm
L West 64 to 70cm
LL West 67 to 73cm

Real size
S (S) About 68 cm to 72cm Hep, 72 cm in height, 7 cm in width, and 24 cm in width, 28cm in width and 16 cm in width
M (M) 71-75 cm Hep, 76cm deep, 2 cm wide, 25 cm in width, 29cm wide, 16.5 cm wide
L (L) 75-79cm Hip, 25 cm wide, 30 cm wide, and a width of 30 cm in width, 17cm wide, with a width of 100 cm below the foot of the hip.
LL (LL) waistline 78 cm to 82cm Hipp, 2 cm wide, 2 cm wide, 2 cm wide, 31cm by width, 82 cm in width, 3 cm wide.
Please note that the size of the size is a little bit more error.

Cotton 97 % polyurethane 3 %.

Stretch, elastic, West, back, waist, waist, rubber, D.

White (00) Black (10) Camel (24) Navee (30)

It is a dough that has a warm texture, which is woke up to a cotton-calse with stretchable.I'm a standard slim stretting silhouette.The embroidery logo on the front, and the backpockets of the flagging of the backpocket are accented.I don't care about the plight of the West because I use the jachard rubber on the waist, so I feel comfortable.
Pants long pants, stretcht, West Rubber surface, microbic, bakest pants, embroidery, simple design,
I'm dealing with it at a , Tommy Hill Figer Golf is a Japanese regular product.Don't worry about buying it.
a small size

Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.
*The sample image taken from the manufacturer may be partially changed to the actual product, such as design and color distribution.


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