Jones / caddie bag

Size: F
Color: Charcoal gray (DG)
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Details of goods

Name of the brand
Jones Japanese Regular

Name of the product
Caddy bag Stand-type caddy bag with shoulder belt to carry lightweight nylon canvas

Notation size

Size of the actual size
[F] total length (no hood): 90cm total length (with hood): 127cm vertical diameter: 20cm horizontal diameter: 20cm 3 division 3 separate weight: about 2.7kg pocket 8 pieces

No description.

Shoulder belt

Charcoal Grey (DG)

Jones' new stand bag, utility series.
It is a stand-type caddy bag of a casual model using nylon canvas.
With a double shoulder, the shape is truly American athlete style.
The Jones logo on one side matches the body color and is modest.
It weighs about 2.7kg and is lightweight and easy to carry around.
The new type of front pocket, which was not available in golf backs before, is highly functional and easy to use, with hints from the outdoors.
The stand can be fixed with magic tape.
It is also equipped with a cold and heat-retaining pocket.
With clear pocket.
With D-can.
JONES is a caddy bag that many people know who used to be used by high school and college golf teams in the United States.
However, because I was a student golfer, I naturally needed a round of carrying, that is, a lightweight bag.
Speaking of Jones, it was known as a simple lightweight nylon without a core without even a stand.
The simple design was strangely cool.
It is a well-known fact to golf professionals that Tiger Woods also used it when he was a student.
And now, I graduated early as a student, and as a Japanese adult who had nothing to do with the bearer round, I was eager to have that simple and sophisticated bag on my cart.
In fact, there was also eyewitness information that David Duval was using a prototype a few years ago.
Finally from such Jones, it is the appearance of the stand-type caddy bag!
★Jones handled by [T-on] is all [Japanese genuine].
Please purchase it with confidence.

★Please understand some errors in size.
★Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
★Please understand that large items such as caddy bags and Boston bags will not be wrapped.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.
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