Golf carrier bag with the Samsonite Japan limited sale / travel bag caddie back cover caster

Size: F(9-5)
Color: Black (BLACK)
Sale price¥ 27,500 JPY


Brand name
Samsonite Japan limited sale

Brand name
A golf shoes packable 9.5 model correspondence storing bag working under travel cover caddie bag cover caster includes it

Notation size

Full scale size
[F(9.5)] One 136cm in total length 44cm in width 3.5 kg in weight pocket


A caddie bag shoes packable storing bag working under caster includes it

Black (BLACK)

★Sorry to have kept you waiting! !
The new work of a popular travel cover is an appearance last time from "Samsonite"! !
★It is discussed the rights and wrongs of by a golf trip!
The caddie bag cover caddie bag covert cloth label cover with the caster.
★It is the gem which world first rank suitcase brand, "Samsonite" are fully prepared and built up.
★It is the travel cover with the caster which is convenient when I take a caddie bag for a trip.
★I put on urethane for your important golf club and caddie bag protection inward.
★In addition, I am equipped with a fixed belt so that a bag does not work at the time of movement in the cover inside.
★There is a large pocket in the lower main body and helps the storing such as shoes.
★It supports 9.5 type size and is recommended for the active person who wants to enjoy golf while traveling.
★I am reliable if I put it away in this when I send it out by home delivery!
★It is the caddie bag cover with the recommended caster whom I will use as a golf lover running around among Japan and the world by all means [T-on].
★It is a product of the rare amount limited production of the limited sale in Japan.

★Approve the some errors about the size.
★Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.


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