2 sets of yakkkukan (a set of two sets), a pressurized high-level, and a two-colored, black and white woman

Size: M(M)
Color: Jet black (SIKKOKU)
Sale price¥ 4,950 JPY


Ladies' Product Details

brand name
Yakusoku-an Teahouse Stocking Class

Product Names
Two sets of open-toe, high pressurized high-coupper, and 100 denal maidens, with a pressure of 21hpa, a pressurized set price of a set of two female coupons.

Notation Size
M (M) L (L)

Manufacturer size
Jo (Mean)
(M) Height: 150-160cm Foot 22-24cm
(L) Height 155-165cm Foot 23-25 cm
Ambient-length (Mean)
(M) Hipp 85-93 cm tamored 48-56cm tall, 31-37 cm tall, 20-22 cm tachim
(L) Hipp 90-98cm Hipplaation 52-60 cm Futz 34-40cm Fukuhara (34-40cm) - 34-40cm ankle 22-24 cm

nylon polyurethane

Stress pressure: ankle 21hpa (16mmHg), weak pressure

Urushiguro (SIKKOKU)

A medical device manufacturer produces a set price (two sets) with a unique pressure, hydraulic hysox produced by a manufacturer.
This is a chance to purchase a popular pressurized high-sox with a discounted price.
The special price is 4,500 yen (excluding tax) that is priced at 5,000 yen (excluding tax) with a price of 5,000 yen (excluding tax).
Items that are not discounted are sold only for a limited period of time.
Don't miss this opportunity for the first time that a pressurized item is on a repeater buyback.
The same color is set to two sets of the same size.
Every woman who is worried about the mukumi.
The Daily, of course, is pressurized in sports.
Walking golf, a career woman with a lot of work, a woman doctor, a nurse, and a woman who doesn't have the scud job of sitting on a desk, and a woman who wants to work for a woman!
It's a little comfort in the morning.
The Otome series "Karen Otsujo" (the second daughter of Princess Karen), the Nakatsu-no-jo-jo-jo-jo-jo-no-shikuro.
pressure: ankle 21hPa (16mmHg) [weak pressure]
The thickness of the fabric is equivalent to 100 dennille thickness.
You can wear a casual in the Daily as well as golf.
When playing golf, I recommend that you use the socks with the socks.
It is a meshed process that makes it difficult to steamble in a mesh.
This is a design that is hard to fall off in the mouth.
A heel is a design that is hard to stand out without switching.
It is a toe, open-toe specification, and it is difficult to support and distilled.
This is manufactured by Deutschland Merz Company in Japan.
Enjoy the good of the Japanese-made, good-tailed tails, and the good of the mind-ground.
"Encouragement stockings for precious women"
A revolutionary anecdote made by a manufacturer of "medical-bulletproof stockings" with the knowledge and experience that the manufacturer has cultivated for a long time, for a long time and for the legs that support you.
The brand name and product name were also obsessed with 'Wa' (Japanese), and they were confident that the quality of the products made in Japan, which was made in pure land, was a good quality.
The product of Yakubakan supports the circulation of the blood by using moderate pressure on the legs, and supports the action of the muscles to send and return blood to the muscles.
It's a long time to go to golf, sports, to work, to work on desk work, high heels, long commute, long legs, fatigue, cold, cold, care to care about, and don't have time to go to the massage or massage or to Este!
The 'Yakusoku-an' can be used to respond to such a noble woman's voice.
It is a pressurized stocking for the first time, for the first time, a manufacturer that has manufactured and marksled a medical device as a medical device for the first time in general.
Pressure can be selected by strong pressure, medium pressure, low pressure, and the condition of the legs.
[Yakuthakan: The list of productsThis way.
*Note: Regarding stockings, etc., the size of the manufacturer's notation is indicated in the product name as specified by the manufacturer, and the size of the product is changed slightly depending on the materials, elasticity, and the weight of the wearer, and I request that you be able to purchase the product slightly.
Please note that goods which have been worn only once (with the ungift tag) may be returned or exchanged for exchange.

Please note that the size of the size is a little bit more error.
Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.
golf Singles' Day

Sports watching, watching a golf game. It's easy to move.


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