Size: F(F)
Color: Black (BK)
Sale price¥ 33,000 JPY


Men' s Ladies Products Detail Golf

brand name

Product Names
Cartobag cart with the round bag, with a plastic tassel with a plastic tassel with a plastic tassel, a material with a plastic, a black golf with a

Mfg Preferred Retail Price
30000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation Size
F (F)

Real size
F (F) Portrait 21cm horizontally (top) 25 cm, 12.5cm long, 35 cm long, pocket 1 porch (ordinate) 11cm porch (side): 21cm


leather-button specification with tassel with tassel

Black (BK)

This is a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-use cartobag for simple rux.
The logo is impressive, but it's impressive!
It is made by using high-quality Ushi-Ushi (high-quality, leather) and so on.
It is a polite sense of size, a polite softness of leather, and a 10-color expansion of colorfully colored colors.
I'm sure you'll find your favorite color.
It also has a nice porch with a sense of size.The tassel is removable.
I have a design that I can take in a variety of scenes.
The universal high level of use regardless of age, gender, and age are attractive, and explosive hits are predicted.
If you want to get ahead of you, now you have a chance! "LADIN (Ladin)"
The name comes from a combination of rad (highest) Eden (paradise) and wants to get the best life and the best paradise in the world.
Enjoy the beauty of sewing, which is made in Japan, as well as the beauty of sewing.
Carterbag cart, porch, plastic, plastic leather, taselle bag, the logo design, the black round, the black round, mint, minitoat, and the bag.

Please note that the size of the size is a little bit more error.
Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.



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