JoJo Golf/Score Cardcase

Size: F
Color: Orange (OR)
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brand name
JoJo Golf JOEJO GOLF Nippon Regular Golf

Product Names
Scorecard case: German ox-leather, plucked-water pressure penholder, color orange golf, orange golf

Notation Size

Real size
F depth: 16 cm wide (closed): 11.5 cm

Ushikawa (made in Germany)

Bachisui Honkaku (made in Germany)

Orange (OR)

This is a score-cardcase using the German upquality glean leather.
It is plucked with water-mizuwy.
A pen can be inserted into the open type, so you can use the katsute extraction group.
This leather is filled with the quality of the quality of the original.
I'm recommended to give you a present.
This is an anecdote that I want to recommend to your real-mined people.
Please make sure that the world has granted a priseful and elegant style of playing golf to your golf life.
[T-on] We're dealing with Jojo Golf is all of the Japanese canonical golf.
Don't worry about buying it.
It's a JoeJo bag that harmonize, complete, and finish the European trajectional and lifestyle.
The characteristic design and the polished leather of natural leather, and the smooth, leather-like spark of leather, is characteristic of the stylistic glitmful style.
Joejo Bag is used by Germany Heinen and the Joejo European Design Team from leather materials to jointly developed leather.
This leather is developed in the original skin, which is a valuable asset given by nature, and is developed and developed by the traditional precision technology to support golf play in a wild and natural environment.
Beautiful folms, easiness, functionality, durability, all of the best in the world, are all the best in the world.
Please make sure that the world has granted a priseful and elegant style of playing golf to your golf life.
Teon [T-on] is covered by the product, all of which are Japanese.
Don't worry about it.
[Characteristics of Joejo Bag]
Joejo's golf bags are made by European design teams using a golf bag exclusive leather made by German Heinen.
This dedicated leather is developed and manufactured in the best environmental standards of Germany.
In addition, the Joejo bag has a strong durability through the use of this leather for all weather-resistant, waterproof water-resistant water and water-water performance.
Features of Leather Only for Joejo Golf
The leather is made of fibers that are similar to the raw silk fabric (protein quality).
It completely extracts all the natural silicon (oil) with leather in the process of the leather processing process, and then injects an artificial silicon to combine the raw silk yarn of the colergen.
The fibers that overlap with the nets are attached to silicone and the raw silk is absorbed by inhaling artificial silicone, and the inner part of the skin is a dense tunnel of the jungle and micro-tunneling.
Therefore, it is waterproof and air-resistant, and it has the same function as its waterproof and air-resistant, high-technology fiber, and the more silicon injections are increased, the more efficient the water-resistant performance.
The waterproof performance of the waterproof leather will not change after half a century.
Around six hours later, water flows through the micro-hole through the micro-hole of Joejo Golf-only leather, which is dedicated to the exclusive use of the golf.
The leather is waterproof, but the seams and zipper parts of the product are water-water processing only.

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