Jojo Golf Japan Genuine / Scorecard Case

Size: F
Color: Moss Green
Sale price¥ 11,000 JPY


Name of the brand
JOJO GOLF Japan Regular

Name of the product
Scorecard case German cowhide use water repellent type pressing pen holder with moss green

Notation size

Size of the actual size
[F] length 16cm horizontal (closed state) 11.5cm

Cowhide (made in Germany)

Genuine leather (made in Germany), water repellent

Moth Green (ER)

★It is a scorecard case using high quality cowhide made in Germany.
★Water repellent treatment that is hard to get dirty is applied.
★Because the pen can be inserted in the two-page type, it is excellent in usability!
★It is a finish full of luxury unique to this leather.
★It is also recommended as a present.
★It is a gem that I want to recommend to you of the genuine intention.
★Please add a stylish first-class item recognized by the world to your golf life by all means.
★JoJo Golf, which is handled by [T-on], is all [Japanese genuine].
Please purchase it with confidence.
This JoJo bag harmonizes, completes and finishes European traditionals and lifestyles!
It features an elegant style full of luxury with an intellectual design and a polished, smooth leather shine of natural leather.
Joejo bags are made of leather jointly developed by Heinen Germany and Joejo European Design Team.
This leather has been developed by introducing waterproofing of traditional precision technology to the raw skin, which is a valuable asset given by nature, and supports golf play in a fierce natural environment.
Beautiful form, ease of use, functionality, durability, it is a style unique to the world's leading products.
Please add a stylish first-class item recognized by the world to your golf life by all means.
All products handled by Teeon [T-on] are genuine Japanese products.
Please purchase it with confidence.
[Features of Joejo bag]
Joejo's golf bag is made of golf bag exclusive leather made by Heinen Germany and is a product planned by the European design team.
This dedicated leather is developed and manufactured among the highest environmental standards in Germany.
In addition, it has all-weather waterproofing and water repellent performance, and by using this leather, the Joejo bag is excellent and durable.
[Features of Leather dedicated to Joejo Golf]
Leather is made from a collection of fibers similar to raw silk called collagen fibers (proteins).
In the leather snout process, all natural silicon (oil) of the skin is completely removed, and artificial silicon is injected instead to bind the raw silk of collagen fibers.
The raw silk which overlaps the net shape is glued with silicon, and the raw silk does not absorb moisture by insulping artificial silicon, and the inside of the skin is a structure that is surrounded by a jungle and a micro tunnel where raw silk is dense.
Therefore, it is waterproof, but breathable, has the same function as waterproof and breathable high-tech fibers, and the more silicon is injected, the better the waterproof performance.
The waterproof performance of waterproof leather does not change even after half a century of time.
When about 5 liters of water is poured into the wide spread Joejo Golf leather, water begins to penetrate through the micro hole after about 6 hours.
The leather is waterproofed, but the seams and zippers of the products are water-repellent.

★Please understand some errors in size.
★Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.
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