Hanes Japan Genuine / 2 T-shirts

Size: S(S)
Color: White (010)
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Men's Product Details Golf wear

brand name
Hanes Japanese genuine

Product name
T-shirt Short-sleeved T-shirt V-neck T-shirt JAPAN FIT 2 pieces 100% cotton undershirt Inner shirt Golf wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
2700 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
S (S) M (M) L (L) LL (XL)

Manufacturer compatible size
S Chest circumference 80-88 cm
M chest measurement 88-96 cm
L Chest circumference 96-104 cm
LL chest measurement 104-112cm

100% cotton


White (010)

It is a pack T-shirt that symbolizes Hanes with the concept of "for the comfort of Japanese people".
Inheriting the culture created by Hanes, "You can wear it as an outer, of course, as an inner," the length, sleeve length, and width of the body have been adjusted to suit Japanese people, achieving an exquisite fit.
In addition to "product washing", "soft yarn with sweet twist" is used to achieve a soft and comfortable texture.
1. Silhouette that matches the Japanese figure
The way of wearing the red pack (3P-T-shirt) was the best-selling T-shirt in Japan around the 90's, and the way of wearing it now is very different.
The size allowed at that time, such as the shoulder line falling from the shoulder and the length being long, can be said to be an important point in product selection nowadays when consumers are discerning.
The length is shorter than the conventional red pack, the armhole is squeezed, the neck is set narrower, and the sleeve pattern is changed to match the modern Japanese body shape, pursuing an exquisite fit.
2. Familiar with the skin from the time of purchase, JUST SIZE
By pre-washing the product (garment wash), you can enjoy the comfort and size that we want from the moment you open the pack and put it through your sleeves.
3. Not too transparent, not too thick
The image of "wearable as an inner as well as an outer", which is a culture that Hanes pack T-shirts have built up with the support of consumers.
Not too thin as underwear and not as thick as a typical printed T-shirt, we are particular about the unique positioning, and updated to "5.3 ounces that are hard to see through" with exquisite thickness and texture.
The collar name is a tagless specification of heat transfer that eliminates the discomfort of the back.
5. Round body knitting
"Round body knitting" with no seams on the sides realizes stress-free and comfortable wearing.
6. Shoulder tape
Shoulder tape is used to prevent the unevenness of the seams from hitting the neck area, and by extending it to the shoulders to prevent it from losing its shape and to make the neck feel comfortable.
T-shirt Short-sleeved T-shirt V-neck T-shirt JAPAN FIT 2 pieces 100% cotton undershirt Inner shirt Japan fit
All Hanes products handled by are genuine Japanese products. Please purchase with confidence.
There is a small size
Watching sports Watching golf Travel clothes Fashionable and easy to move

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