Les Toiles du Soleil Japan Genuine / Ball Pouch

Size: F
Color: Light blue system (11984696)
Sale price¥ 5,170 JPY


brand name
Les Toiles du Soleil Japan Genuine

Product name
Ball pouch for 2 to 3 ball cases Made in France Striped pattern Multicolor border pattern

Notation size

Actual size
[F] Length 5 cm Width 12 cm Town 5 cm

Outer fabric: 100% cotton Outer fabric: 100% nylon Lining: 100% nylon

With carabiner

Purple (12037926) Multi (11984719) Pink (12031429) Yellow (12031412) Blue (12149582) Orange (11984702) Rose (12149575) Light blue (11984696) Light green (12031436)

★A ball case that holds 2 to 3 golf balls.
★It comes with metal fittings so that it can be attached to a belt or caddy bag.
★It is an item that you can enjoy golf fashionably with a colorful stripe pattern unique to a French brand.
★Great for gifts!
* Balls are not included in the product.
★French brand Les Toiles du Soleil
★Made in France
★LES TOILES DU SOLEIL = As the name "Sun Fabric" suggests, it was born in the southernmost village of France, close to Spain, with shining sun and rich soil.
★The blue, red and yellow boats of the Mediterranean Sea, and the colorful streets reflected on the surface of the water. The OLLIOURE fabric, which is a striped design of the colors that live in the city, has become a very popular pattern all over the world.
In order to faithfully reproduce the beauty of such a land, it is the striped fabric that Les Toiles du Soleil is proud of that is dyed in carefully selected colors from the threads.
And, the particular color is spun using a textile machine more than half a century ago, and the unique texture is still freshly revived.
★The unique striped fabric woven by traditional methods under the theme of various French cultures has been recognized, and the fabric of Les Toiles du Soleil has been designated as an important cultural property by the French government.
◆ Since the products on this page are sewn using a part of the striped fabric, the pattern may differ for each item depending on the part of the fabric used.
Please note.
★All Les Toiles du Soleil sold at [T-on] are genuine Japanese products.
Please purchase with confidence.

★Please note that there may be some errors regarding the size.
★Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.


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