Knitting in Matsui Knit / Hand Warmer

Size: F
Color: Brown family (1)
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brand name
Knitting in Matsui knit

Product name
Hand warmer gloves Knit gloves Arm warmers and wristbands for sale at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Notation size

Actual size
[F] Total length: 18 cm

Acrylic 70% Hair 30%

Warm and cold protection Warm material

Brown (1) Black (2) Blue (3) Red (4) Purple (6)

A hand warmer made of ribbed hair with a beautiful colorful stripe pattern.
A series featuring special yarn-friendly softness, knitted by craftsmen using one of the few low-speed Russell machines in Japan.
If you like, you can enjoy 3 ways to use the mitt cuffs bracelet.
In 2016, "Matsui Knit of the World" was introduced on TBS "Tokoro-san's Nippon's Turn!"
This is the latest work, a very popular phantom gem that has been sold out one after another!
KNITTING INN is a Japanese art screamed by one of the world's leading curators!
The beauty recognized by shop buyers at the MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York is impressive.
A soft and elastic knit product that is knitted gently on yarn at low speed and rotation using an old-style low-speed knitting machine and Russell knitting machine.
Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, has a history of 1300 years and is touted as "Orito", "Nishijin in the west", and "Kiryu in the east".
Matsui Knit Giken has been around for over 100 years.
In the wooden building founded in the 40th year of the Meiji era and built in the Taisho era, the Russell knitting machine half a century ago is still active in the field.
Export to the United States, OEM production of famous brands such as Issey Miyake.
As a high-gauge rib knit brand woven by Matsui Knit Giken, which has survived the milestones of the times, with the Russell knitting machine of the Showa era in 2005, the original brand launched by Matsui Knit Giken is [Knitting in].
It is not well known in Japan, but it is one of the best overseas.
The MoMA store at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, which was the first to place an order, recorded the highest sales volume for five consecutive years.
The store is different from the so-called museum souvenir corner.
The space where 3000 items are always lined up, collected from all over the world with the same energy as a curator chooses a work, can be said to be a select shop with art as the starting point.
The masterpiece "Striped muffler" is a muffler featuring multi-colored vertical stripes.
Knitted on a low-speed machine, it does not put a burden on the yarn and creates an air-filled bulge.
The highly artistic color scheme is also attractive. The yarn is selected from 180 ready-made colors, and a trial is made with 50 to 60 kinds of subtle color schemes to determine one pattern.
He regularly touches on works of art, saying, "I can't send without receiving power," and pursues "universal beauty" by adding inspiration from ancient Japanese colors and Impressionist paintings to international colors. Its colorful multi-border is highly evaluated worldwide along with its soft texture.
Knitting Inn [KNITTING INN] means a small inn for knitting.
Please enjoy the goodness of tailoring and the beauty of sewing unique to Japan.

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