Shoes Echo Golf ECCO GOLF Japan Regular Spring-summer 2021 New

size: 40 (40)
color: White (52438)
Sale price¥ 26,400 JPY


Men's Product Details Golf

brand name
Echo Golf ECCO GOLF Japan Regular Product

trade name
Shoes Golf Shoes Spikeless Shoes Water Repellent Natural Leather M GOLF Soft 2.0 Golf Soft 2.0 Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
24,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
40(40) 41(41) 42(42) 43(43) 44(44)

Manufacturer-ready size

Water-repellent natural leather (HYDRO MAX)

Water repellent aerable insole removable

White (52438)

Shoes Golf Shoes Spikeless Shoes Water Repellent M GOLF Soft 2.0 Golf Soft 2.0
A representative model of ECCO sneakers that pursue comfort.
High cushioning and soft texture add casual design.
■ The footbed, which is three-dimensionally molded according to the undulation of the soles of the feet, has high cushioning properties and supports long walks.
■ E-DTS outsole for outstanding grip in all situations.
■ Hydromax leather upper with excellent water repellency and breathability.
Water-repellent natural leather (HYDRO MAX)
PU midsole / TPU outsole

For products that are not currently available, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
※ There is a case that the color taste is slightly different from the actual product depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the ray at the time of shooting.



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