Golf Shoes Echo Golf ECCO GOLF Japan Regular Product Spring/Summer 2021 New

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size: 39(39)
color: White (01007)
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Men's Product Details Golf

Brand name
Echo Golf ECCO GOLF Japan Regular Product

Product name
Golf Shoes Spike Shoes Biom G3 X-TENSA BOA Biomusy Three ExtenzaBore Waterproof YAK Leather High Quality Premium Leather Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
36,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
39(39) 40(40) 41(41) 42(42) 43(43) 44(44)

Manufacturer-ready size

Upper: Cow Leather

Waterproof Moisture Permeable GORE-TEX BOA Insole Removable

White (01007)

Born from the feet of about 2,500 athletes, biom last (wooden mold) is adopted to support the most natural human movement. Stableness due to low center of gravity and excellent fit during exercise are realized. The upper is made of strong, but lightweight and breathable YAK leather. In addition, it is equipped with Gore-Tex with excellent waterproofing and moisture permeability, so that the environment in the shoe can be comfortably adjusted even under all weather conditions. Equipped with a BOA characterized by a high fit and ease of attaching and detaching. Ecco's FLUIDFORM (all-in-one molded) sole, which enables the reproduction of ergonomic anatomicarlusts (wooden molds), and high-quality premium leather manufactured in-house Thanary have achieved a comfortable wearing comfort like no other.
A high-spec model with additional features added to the BIOM G3.
In addition to outstanding comfort and grip, X-TENSA technology is adopted.
・ Thinner, closer-to-ground designed low center of gravity structure allows the force to step more into the ground, resulting in stability.
・ Thin, soft and durable Driton nappa leather with X-TENSA technology for a high fit.
・ Equipped with BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology to achieve comfortable wearing comfort and fatigue reduction by walking for a long time.
・ Outsole designed to be easy to walk with low center of gravity structure achieves both grip and walking performance
・ Outstanding fit due to the synergistic effect of BOA FIT System and very soft nappa leather.
・ X-TENSA technology installed on the back of the upper leather links the racing system with the sole unit to increase 360 degree stability and hold feeling.
Upper: Cow Leather
Lining: Textile lining
Outsole: FLUIDFORM manufacturing PU/TPU bi-layer structure
Insole: Removable
Golf Shoes Spike Shoes Biom G3 X-TENSA BOA Biomusy Three ExtenzaBore Waterproof YAK Leather High Quality Premium Leather
Echo Golf
- Being the top-of-the-line brand for shoes and leather goods
Popular Danish-born shoe brand "ECCO". Based on the concept that "shoes should match the feet, not the other way around", there are many fans of the shoes that are thoroughly focused on comfort.
Especially, golf shoes are used habitually by the world's leading players. ECCO was founded in 1963 by Birte and Karl Toosbuy in a small town in southern Denmark. In order to make comfortable shoes, leather is made at the company's skin thyme factory, and shoes are made in his own factory. "I want to make shoes that fit like gloves from the moment I put my feet in" -- The factory that I started with 16 colleagues with that thought has now developed into a global company that develops its business around the world. After more than 50 years of commitment to shoe quality, we manage and operate everything from leather making to shoe manufacturing and sales in-house.

All Echo Golf handled by T-on is a Japanese regular product. Please purchase with confidence.

For products that are not currently available, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
※ There is a case that the color taste is slightly different from the actual product depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the ray at the time of shooting.



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