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size: L (L)
Color: Black (D203)
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Men's product details Golf wear

brand name
Delon x Fiten Doron x Phiten

Product name
Tights Long Tights Heat Ticket Spats Recovery Wear Underwear Leggings Open Open Type Type Back Hair Heat Puro Print Golf Wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
9400 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
S (s) m (m) l (l) ll (XL)

Manufacturer -compatible size
S (S) Waist 68-78cm
M (m) Waist 74-84cm
L (L) Waist 80-90cm
LL (XL) waist 86-96cm

Nylon 85 % polyurethane 15 %

Stretch back Hair raising Heat insulation cold protection cold waist with string

Black (D203)

Tights Long Tights Heat Ticket Spats Recovery Wear Underwear Leggings Open Open Type Type Back Heat Anthagling Logo Print Wear
A new sensory fabric with excellent heat tights heat retention.
Functional long tights that invade the fabric fiber with aquatitan (X30).
The back fabric that touches the skin is brushed and is made of highly elastic fabric. Furthermore, using a high fabric density method, using a thread, minimizes the invasion of the wind (wind break effect) prevents body temperature from decreasing.
In addition, a new sensory fabric with excellent heat retention wraps the skin gently, supports movement, does not cool muscles, and keeps the body comfortably.
Using Fiten's water -soluble metal technology (aqua chitan), it contains a 30 -fold concentration throughout the fabric. Pull out the power of the body and lead to a relaxed state.
During exercise, use such as warm -up, mobile clothes, recovery, etc., and use it for everyday use, such as daily winter clothes.
Sports exercise
Warm warmer
Recovery recovery
Give priority to the waist for the size.
S SIZE ≪ West 68-78㎝≫ height 155-167㎝
M SIZE ≪ West 74-84㎝≫) Height 164-176㎝
L size ≪ West 80-90㎝≫ height 173-185㎝
XL SIZE ≪ West 86-96㎝≫ ≪The height 182-194㎝
--- Fiten Aquatitan impregnation ---
This product is developed using Fiten's water -soluble metal technology (aqua chitan). The titanium is dispersed in the water at the nano -level, and the fabric is invaded with an X30 concentration.
* When wearing, please put the tights hem and then pass it to your limbs.
We use delicate materials. Please be careful enough, such as excessive pulling and catching.
* It may not be the package of the image at the time of shipping.
There is a small size


Please note that the size is a little error.
Please contact us as you may be able to order even if you are currently having no storage.
* The color may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the difference in the monitor and the condition of the rays during shooting.



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