Delon X phi ten underwear / コンプレッションウェア [basic line]

Size: S
Color: Black (BK)
Sale price¥ 12,100 JPY


brand name
Doron × Fiten Underwear

Product Names
Conpredsion Wear Inner-shirts, short-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, pressure-line-line life series

Notation Size
[S (S)] [M (M)] [L (L)] [LL (XL)]

Manufacturer size
[S] Sai (plebis) 82 ~ 92cm
[M] Bust range 88 to 98 cm
[L] Sai 94-104cm
[LL (XL)] Thoracic range: 100-110cm

Real size
No Entry

Table: Nylon 73 % polyurethane 27 %.

Stretch UV cut, sweat, fast, thin, lightweight, pressure design, cooler material

Black (BK)

★Light-lightweight materials, cool stuff, no.
★Dry, tightener, dressing center.
It is also superior to the heat of midsummer.
★The optimal balance control of a step-by-step compression compression design and the body's axis, which is optimal in the optimal condition, leads to improved performance.
★The light, lightweight material that pursues the second skin enables a dry and glutterness of the center of the heart.
★Temperature, temperature and temperature are also dry and comfortable.
[Dolon Golf x Fiden Collabo, Next Generation Feature Golf Underwear]
We aim to increase the distance of the body by pulling out the original "force" of the body "flying with a drink".
The "DORON" is a next-generation high-function underwear that has been immersed in textiles with a concentration of approximately 30 times the level of the acutitan that is distributed under the water in a nano-level, by joint development with the company of the company.
A warp of the world's highest quality is knitting the top quality threads in a Japanese factory.
Water-soluble titanium: Inweaving water-soluble titanium metal into dough with the patented technology of the company.
A condition control: Maintaining the best condition in the garment prevents performance from falling.
Sweating speed: Adoption dry materials that quickly absorb, spread, and dry without sweat.
You can play comforts even with sweat, and reduce the negative impact on performance.
It is also possible to prevent the deterioration of the conditioning, such as cooled down by sweat.
UV control: By wearing, it reduces the penetration of ultraviolet rays.
suppressing the rise in the temperature of the clothing.
The reduction in physical strength and loss of concentration by ultraviolet radiation will be suppressed.
It is also possible to prevent the deterioration of the conditioning, such as cooled down by sweat.
Fit: A stretchable dough of light & softness design, which is grilled on the second skin, is designed to prevent performance degradation due to the stress of the adoption layer.
Drycontrol: Two kinds of mesh material, instantaneous heat and humidity, always keeps the body dry and comfortable, preventing performance degradation.
The compression control: Maintains the optimal muscle condition and leads it to best performance.
We can expect to increase efficiency by reducing the dissipation of waste energy by reducing the extraneous vibration of the muscles by using the Dron's own 3D pattern, based on human engineering, with the optimal muscle.
It is expected that step-by-step and pressure design can be used to facilitate the transportation of blood and increase endurance and concentration.
A soft compression: A muscle is wrapped in an optimal condition without interfering with the original motion of the body.
The soft compression wraps the muscles in the optimal condition without interfering with the physical activity of the body.
With the next-generation technology, you can expect the following effects:
Increase the articular movable range
improvement of neurotransmitters
Increased flexibility
Improving dynamic vision
Increased endurance
Lillax effect
★[Large size] [small size]

★The size of the S M L LL size is equivalent to the average size of the Japanese size.
★Please note that the size of the size is a little bit more error.
★Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.
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