Putter cover Briefing Golf BRIEFING 2021 Spring / Summer New

size: F (001)
color: Aqua Blue (071)
Sale price¥ 7,700 JPY


Men's Ladies Product Details Golf

brand name
Briefing Golf Briefing

Product name
Potter Cover Pin Type Patter Cover Grimlock with Water Repellent Aqua Logo Embroidery Golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
7000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (001)

Actual size
F (001) vertical 16 cm horizontal 19 cm

With magnet type buckle

Aqua Blue (071)

We adopt coloring of "AQUA" image of emerald green sea in standard "PUTTER COVER". A resort that shines in the round of summer season.
-Lightweight and contributing to carrying
· We adopted functional material with excellent water resistance and durability with special urethane coating with high density-woven cordura polyester.
Lightweight, soft, and a material characterized by a soft texture.
· A strap that adopts a soft heartwood is a specification that is easy to familiar with the shoulder.
-Expent functionality-
· Equipped with grim lock that can be attached to belt loop etc.
Furthermore, the magnet type buckle "Fidlock)" can be adopted for the grim lock and the main body, and the putter cover can be easily removed and installed.
· By using a bore material inside the cover, the cushioning property is enhanced and the club is hard to scratch.

※ Notes on use ※
With regard to Grimlock, while playing golf, it is manufactured by putting the holder part on a belt loop.
By attaching and using it in a belt loop, it is designed to be able to make a smooth play and smooth play.

Therefore, during play or caddy bag transportation, the holder part is not assumed to be attached to the putter cover, and the club is attached with the holder part, and the club is hit, the club is hit, and the cart The magnet may come off due to an impact of the problem and may cause loss.

When playing or carrying caddy bags, please wear the holder part in the belt loop or remove it, please save it in the caddy bag etc., etc.

-Cruise LINE-
"Resort Collection"
Develop the best wear and accessories for summer production seasons from early summer.
2021 SS Season develops "AQUA" color scheme "RESORT COLLECTION" that expresses the sea of ​​emerald green.
A lineup of caddy bags and goods that colors bright colors and colorful colors.
Enjoy the round of the summer season with the new CRUISE LINE.
Patter Cover Pin Type Potter Cover Grimlock Water Repellent Aqua Logo Embroidery
For matching drivers BRG211G5711, For fairway wood brg211g5811For utilities BRG211G5911, For Iron cover BRG211G6011We also offer.
※ About briefing size, maker official site and may differ. Please note.
All briefings handled by are regular products. Please purchase with confidence.

Please contact us if there is a current storage product, so please contact us.
※ Due to the difference in monitor, the actual product may be different from the actual product by the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting.



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