Green Fork Briefing Golf BRIEFING

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size: F (001)
color: Red (030)
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Men' s Ladies Products Detail Golf

brand name
Briefing Golf BRIEFING

Product Names
Green fork quality material to be scraped, simple design, simple makeup, box with green folk

Mfg Preferred Retail Price
8000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation Size
F (001)

Real size
F (001) Total length: 9.3cm

Red (030) Acublue (030)

A fork using material used for high-end putters is an itinerable item made by shaving.The BRIEFING logo, which is coloured with colour, is an accent that does not have a good deal.
-The obsession with the materials and the production.
It is made by shaving the same hard material used for high-end putters with the same scrape as the high-end putter.
On the surface, the cutting marks are produced by sharpening, and everything is deep and deep.
-Designed for wasteful design.
It will not be able to function in wasteful, and can be used to make a dipod or a picched mark in a smart.
-I recommend you to a gift.
The Japanese cosmetic box attached to the finish, etc. was attached to the Japanese.
The green fork, the super-material, the material, the manufacturing logo, the simple design, the box, the box,
Note: For the briefing size, the manufacturer's official website and may have different sizes.Please accept.
We're dealing with it at the briefing, and all the briefings are regular.Don't let me buy you.

Please contact us if we may be able to introduce products that do not currently have any current issues.
* Depending on the monitor differences, the actual products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the light of the light during the shooting.



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