Briefing Golf / Ear Warmer [New Autumn]

Size: F(F)
Color: Black (010)
Sale price¥ 4,400 JPY


Men's Women's Product Details Golf

brand name
Briefing golf BRIEFING

Product name
Ear warmer ear muffs EAR MUFF back bore material cold protection embroidery design golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
4000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (F)

Insulation and cold protection Back boa Warm material

Black (010)

The fluffy back boa gently wraps around your ears, and the earmuffs with outstanding warmth are perfect for the cold season. Recommended for a wide range of scenes from daily to school commuting and outdoor activities.
Earmuffs made from cordura fabric. It is a must-have item for the fall / winter season as a measure against the cold. The BRIEFING logo embroidery is eye-catching and is perfect as an accent to your outfit.
-The best finish for the cold season-
-A soft fur material is used on the inside to achieve comfort and warmth.
-For the outer material, a knit fabric woven with cordura nylon, which is strong when pulled, is used to not only produce a visual warmth but also a tough finish.
-A presence that shines like a briefing-
・ Brand logo embroidery is laid out everywhere. Although it has a strong presence, it is easy to match and is also useful as a coordination point.
Ear warmer Earmuffs EAR MUFF Back boa material Cold protection embroidery design Cold protection item Cold protection

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* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.


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