Ball Case Briefing Golf BRIEFING Spring-summer 2021 New

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size: F (001)
Color: Multi-Kamo Black (110)
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Men's Women's Product Details Golf

Brand name
Briefing Golf BRIEFING

Product name
Ball Case Ball Pouch Ball Holder 3 Pieces Can Be Stored Camouflage Pattern Golf with Tee Insertion

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
5,500 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size

Actual size
F (001) Length 12cm Width 10.5cm

3 balls with carabina can be stored with tea insertion

Multi-Camo Black (110) Woodland Camo (160)

Ball holder active during golf round.
It is an item that is easy to use with a sense of size that can carry three balls compactly.
Support comfortable golf rounds -
It is designed so that several pins can be stored with a golf ball.
After use, it can be folded compactly. It will not take up space even if you put it in the bag.
Using lightweight and durable materials, ideal for GOLF scenes-
The multicam camouflage series adopted by the U.S. Army and SWAT uses materials produced in the United States.
Because it is water-repellent, it is a safe finish even if it gets wet with rain or water somewhat.
Ball Case Ball Pouch Ball Holder 3 Pieces Can Be Stored Camouflage Pattern with Tee Insertion
※ The ball is not included in the product.
* For briefing size, the measurement point may be different between the manufacturer's official website and 〈T-ON〉. Please understand.
All briefings handled by 〈T-ON〉are genuine. Please purchase with confidence.

For products that are not currently available, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
※ There is a case that the color taste is slightly different from the actual product depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the ray at the time of shooting.



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