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Size: 1W
Color: Union Orange (39)
Sale price¥ 2,420 JPY


brand name

Product name
Head cover For driver For fairway wood For utility Soft head cover Union orange Fashionable head cover Easy to put on and take off

Notation size
[1W] [FW] [UT]

[1W] (Overall length) 37cm [FW] (Overall length) 32cm [UT] (Overall length) 25.5cm


With dial type count tip for FW (3, 4, 5, 7, X) With dial type count tip for UT (U3, U4, U5, U7, X)

Union Orange (39)

★With abundant designs, you won't wear it with others!
From Azlov, who is popular for self-standing bags, a new item "Soft Head Cover" is now available!
★A stylish head cover that is easy to wear in American style.
★It is a bag type that can be taken in and out smoothly, and unlike the conventional head cover, it does not take up thickness.
★The inside is made of gentle velor-like material to firmly guard important clubs.
★It's not bulky and doesn't get in the way when you remove it from the head.
★The stylish Union Jack design is recommended for fashionable golfers☆
★Click here for matching self-stand bags15AZ-SSC01-3954
For drivers: 460cc compatible.
For fairway woods: With dial-type count tags (3, 4, 5, 7, X).
For utilities: With dial-type count tag (U3, U4, U5, U7, X).

★Please note that there may be some errors regarding the size.
★Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.
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