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Size: F
Color: UES Navy(76))
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brand name

Product name
Club case Self-stand bag Caddy bag 4 to 5 can be stored Great for self-play, practice areas, and courses! US Navy

Notation size

Actual size
[F] Overall length (without hood) 80 cm Vertical diameter 9 cm Horizontal diameter 12 cm Weight 1.0 kg 2 pockets


With lightweight carabiner With shoulder belt For 4 to 5 hook type handle With stand stopper With glove holder

US Navy (76)

★A stand-type club case with a stylish star-striped flag and magazine pattern.
★The self-stand bag, which has been featured in the golf magazine [EVEN] as a fashionable companion indispensable for smart golf, has arrived! !!
★Add a design to further power up!
With 42 designs that are fun just to look at, you will surely find your favorite!
★After all, the ultra-lightweight 1.0kg design makes it easy to carry.
★You can carry only the clubs you need and it is the perfect item for self-play courses and practice areas.
★Recommended as a substitute for a caddy with about 100 yards remaining!
You don't have to go back to the cart because you can put the club you need right next to you.
You can change clubs without worrying about your surroundings and never leave your club on the course.
Therefore, you can enjoy self-play more comfortably!
It is a compact size that is not bulky even if it is loaded in a car!
★Uses a hook-type handle that is easy to grip.
The large, well-shaped grip allows you to carry it by hand or hang it on the mouth frame of a caddy bag or cart.
★Comes with a glove holder to which the magic tape part of the glove can be attached.
★With a hook to hook a pouch or a water bottle.
★With a convenient large pocket that can store small items such as balls and smartphones.
★Comes with a shoulder belt that you can hang on your shoulder when your arm is tired.
★With a stopper that can hold the stand together, storage is comfortable.
★The large mouth frame makes it easy to put in and take out the club.
★Not only the appearance but also the functionality is great!
There is no doubt that it will be a reassuring companion to your golf life.☆
★Holds 4 to 5 golf clubs.
* Due to manufacturing, the position of the pattern and the position of the motif may differ from the image depending on where the fabric is used.
* This item is sold only in the club case.
Accessories such as balls and gloves are not included in the product.

★Please note that there may be some errors regarding the size.
★Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
★Please note that wrapping is not permitted for large items such as caddy bags and Boston bags.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.
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