Ball Pouch Anpasi and Per SE

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size: F(F)
Color: Navy (30)
Sale price¥ 3,850 JPY Regular price¥ 5,500 JPY


Men's Ladies Product Details Golf

brand name
Anpasi and Per SE

Product name
Ball porch ball case ball 2 can be stored anpanze -type carabiner golf

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
5000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (f)

100 % polyester body
Carabiner aluminum

Two balls can be stored and zipper with carabiner

Navy (30) Lime Yellow (63) Pink (43)

It is a ball pouch that can be connected to the D -can attached to pants and bags.
It is an anpanze -shaped stuffed animal item with a lime yellow and navy coloring.
You can store two balls.
Ball pouch ball case ball holder 2 pieces available with anpanze -type carabiner

Please contact us as you may be able to order even if you are currently having no storage.
* The color may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the difference in the monitor and the condition of the rays during shooting.


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