Club protector Admiral Golf Admiral Golf Japan genuine 2020 Fall Winter New work

Size: F(F)
Color: Gray (19)
Sale price¥ 10,780 JPY


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Men's Ladies Product Details Golf

brand name
Admiral Golf Admiral Golf Japan genuine

Product name
Club protector Travel cover 8.0-9.5 type Golf bag compatible Logo print golf with iron cover for club protection during transportation

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
9800 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (F)

Actual size
F(F) Length (length) 41cm Iron cover (length) 15cm Weight 550g

Polyester PU magnet resin

With iron cover (with iron cover spindle)

Gray (19)

An undeveloped protector in Japan for the purpose of protecting the club.
Compatible with caddy bag mouth frames 8 to 9.5 types.
Can be folded and stored in a back bag when not in use.
It is used in combination with the attached iron cover to protect it from the impact of mailing and to protect the club more strongly.
Club protector Travel cover Compatible with 8.0 to 9.5 type golf bags Logo with iron cover for club protection during transportation
Golf club protector
Pile fabric is placed on the main body to protect important clubs
The wall panel with bath cover structure protects the important club securely! Adjustable buckle for golf bags of various sizes (9.5-8.0 recommended)
Hold the iron club firmly and compactly with the iron cover made of stretchable material!
how to use
1. Cover the iron club with the attached iron cover. Cover the protector body. Please arrange so that the buckle part at that time comes to the back side.
2. Insert the lower part of the protector body so that it fits into the bag mouth frame
3. Securely tighten the fixed adjustment buckle on the protector body. Large play may cause damage during transportation (loose)
4. Cover the top lid and fasten the velcro on the lid to fix it.
5. Finally, put on the hood and it's done. Be sure to attach and use the hood
Storage method
Fold it up and store it high as shown in the illustration!
Size: Mouth frame size 8.0 type to 9.5 type Caddy bag compatible / 550 g
Protect your club from contact with other luggage during transit
As much as possible to protect the club heads from moving and contacting and damaging during transportation
Protect from shock
All Admiral golf products handled by are Japanese regular products. Please purchase with confidence.

Please contact us as we may be able to order items that are currently out of stock.
*The color may differ slightly from the actual product due to the difference in monitor and the light condition during shooting.



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