Bamboo pipe-stem doma Usu golf Japan regular article neck cover 2020 new work in the fall and winter

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Size: F(F)
Color: Fringed iris Derrick black (020)
Sale price¥ 550 JPY Regular price¥ 1,100 JPY


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Men's lady's product details golf

Brand name
Bamboo pipe-stem doma Usu golf LOUDMOUTH GOLF Japanese regular article

Brand name
Buff type printed pattern unisex washable swimsuit material golf with the spindle with UV cut stretch rubber which becomes the neck cover face cover neck warmer

Maker hope retail price
1,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Notation size

Full scale size
F(F) 41cm in height 24.5cm in width

15% of 85% of polyester polyurethane

The subject matter that UV cut UPF50+ stretch contact feeling of cold is cool is with a spindle

Mona (152) tags duck (159) Shah duck (199) kiss white (243) black (998) fringed iris Derrick black (020)

The face cover (neck cover, face mask) of the swimsuit material which I wash it by complete in-house production and can use repeatedly is new sale!
"A face cover" of unit-related bamboo pipe-stem doma Usu that can show (buff type)
It is a festival cuttlefish bar of bamboo pipe-stem doma Usu where Nikky company to plan a global buran gong udo mouse, Fila, a Malik rails pole, and to produce it, and to sell did complete in-house production.
It was produced the causes of the Japanese person in charge management in a company factory "Shanghai Nikky 時装有限公司" first medical equipment detailed plan acquisition factory of swimsuit industry major Nikky Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Nikky engages in the production of swimsuits for Japan for nearly 30 years and is proud of needlework, quality control, inspection system and all top-level.
The stretch characteristics peculiar to a swimsuit material are excellent; arrive, and is a feeling.
It is adjustable in a spindle
Fitting soft in a swimsuit material♪
Contact feeling of cold, a function of UV cut (UPF50+) include it and are good in coming hot summer!

■The many functions product which the buff type keeps on in whole year, and is usable
I am usable by various uses such as a face mask, a neck warmer, a wristband, the headband.
In addition, in sunburn measures of the whole year, the winter, it is sure to get an outstanding performance as storm, protection against the cold measures!

Material: Tricot
A function: Contact feeling of cold, stretch, UV cut (UPF50+)

■I wash it and can use it repeatedly and am economical
Because I can keep a UV cut function even if I wash it, it is economical◎
It is hygienic every day because I wash it and am usable.

Swimsuit material
It is suitable for the summer by contact feeling of cold
Fitting soft in a swimsuit material!
Size Free
I can regulate it in a spindle
Fitting soft in a swimsuit material
・UV cut
UV cut UPF50+ 360 degrees UV cut
・Contact feeling of cold
I am chilly by contact feeling of cold
・I wash it repeatedly and am usable
I keep a UV cut function even if I wash it and am economical

Barrel buff type with the entering unisex UV cut stretch rubber spindle which becomes the neck warmer which becomes the neck cover festival cover
I am usable in a long season. For the accent of pop printed pattern impact coordinates. 360 degrees ultraviolet rays measures adjustable size man and woman combined use
・Our product is an adjustable size.
・Depending on a way of the cutting of the cloth, the design of the product to send may be different from the thing of the photograph.
〈 T-on 〉 All bamboo pipe-stem doma Usu that で collecting handling goes down is Japanese regular articles. Please purchase it in peace.

Existing; because there is it when order is possible, please inquire for the product out of stock.
※By the difference of the monitor, the condition of rays at the time of the photography, there is the case that color taste is slightly different from a real product in.


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