Umbrella Cool Parasol 2020 Spring Summer New Works

Size: F(F)
Color: Navedot (NDT)
Sale price¥ 4,950 JPY


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Men's ladies' merchandise details, golf.

brand name
cool parasol Cool Parasol

commodity name
Umbrella, Ambrera, Cool Pallasol, UV cut with fans, light shielding, heat insulation, rainfall, cooler than I imagined, battery-type golf

manufacturer hoped retail price
4500 yen (by tax)

notation size

life size
F(F) total length 76cm, parent bone length 53cm, parasol diameter 93cm

UV cut UPF50+ UV cuts 99.9% or more, light shielding, heat insulation, fan.

Silver Gray (SIL) White Dot (WDT) Navy Dot (NDT)

Umbrella, Ambrera, Cool Pallasol, UV cut with fans, light shielding, heat insulation, rainfall, cooler than I imagined, battery type
cool parasol
Cooler than I imagined!!!
umbrellas with fans for the sun and rain
To prevent heat stroke and ultraviolet rays!
Full-shield (using light-shielding first-class fabric) UV cut 99.9% heat-shielding S45 UPF50+
Besides golf!
• Sports watching
• Outside business
• Shopping
- Outdoor.
- The bath.
• Examinations, etc.
a sturdy eight bone

1. Set four single-three dry cells into the handle part.
* Dry batteries will be sold separately.
* Be careful about the batteries orientation.

2.Push up the rolling part until the sound of the crouch and press the switch on the handle part.
If the fan does not work, press the rolling again, and if the pushing is weak, it may not work, but it is not a failure, and when it closes the umbrella without stopping, it moves automatically, so be careful
3.The fans start to move, and the cool winds flow.

full light shielding (using light shielding first class fabric)
light-shielding 99.99%
The first-class dough in the light shielding is a powerful cut in the summer sunshine!
Protect you from dangerous heat strokes and so on.

UV cut rate
UV shielding rate above 99.9%
The most important cause of skin aging, the ultraviolet rays, the skin is guarded!

UPF value
UV protection coefficients over 100
UVR 0% transmittance
UPF value 50+ Excellent
The higher the UPF, the higher the sunscreen effect.

heat insulation division S45
The temperature difference in the rise without funcooling
temperature difference of about 17°C
This is a very cool place with high heat insulation!

black coating processing
Coating is made with polyurethane resin (PU) on the back of the dough.
The light from the ground or the wall is also cut by black coating on the back, and the reflection to the face and eye is cut!

If you are a product that does not have a stock, you may be able to get it, so ask me.
There are cases where the monitor is different and the light rays are different from the actual product.



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