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size: M (9AR)
Color: Pink (30)
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Ladies Product Details Golf Wear

brand name
Linachentedonna Rinascente Donna

Product name
Sweater High Neck Ribbn Wool 100 % Italian silk made golf wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
13,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
M (9AR) L (11ar)

Actual size size
M (9AR) Width 33cm shoulder width 30cm back length 62cm
L (11ar) Width 36cm shoulder width 31cm back length 62cm
Please check this illustration page for details of the actual size measurement site.
Please note that the size is a little error.

100 % hair

Hall garment BARUFFA

Red (25) Charcoal Gray (3) Pink (30) Off -White (S2) Black (S3)

Sweater high -neck rib knitted wool 100 % Italian knit
Made of high -quality wool yarn
Golf going back and forth
ZEGNA BARUFFA LANE BORGOSESIA S.P.A, a traditional Italian spinning manufacturer
(Zenia Barfa Lane Borgosesia)
Founded in 1850, ZEGNA BARUFFA LANE BORGOSESIA S.P.A, which has over 160 years of history and tradition, its name means top -level technology and quality. Based in the city of Italy, the largest spinning manufacturer in Europe, the size and service, 100 kilometers northwest of Milan, and the world of Italy, the city of Italian, a town of the world that is unparalleled in the world. We offer it for a long time.
From the cleaning of the raw wool stage, the finish and dyeing, all are performed at our own factory, and this total production is guaranteed quality and service under consistent management. Specializes in high -quality yarn, not only wool but also materials such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair, etc., and expands its collection, including hair, spinning, and design yarn.
CASHWOOL is made from carefully selected Australia's finest wool, an extra fine (19.5 Micron), and has a special processing that has been developed in Zenia Bulfa, while achieving "cashmere -like" softness, fluffy, and glossy. It is recognized and used around the world as the highest quality of Merino Wool knit thread. The cash wool is particular about the selection of raw materials, selected a white, whitened, woven style, and the extra Fine Merino wool selected in this way is lighter, soft, white, and very fluffy. , It has a feature that is essential for creating high -quality knit wear.
WHOLE GARMENT ... Hall garment is a seamless knit product.
You can get a comfortable comfort and fit unique to no sewing.
* Some sewing may be sewn depending on the product.
Please enjoy the good color of the color unique to Japan, the beautiful finish with high sewing technology, and the comfort of the high -technology pattern design.
Made in Japan
Watching Sports Golf Watching Travel Wear fashionable fashionable

This product is not a round wear at a golf course.
Enjoy a wide range of products, such as golf going back, travel, town casual, golf practice, training, fitness, one -mile wear.
Townwear Casual Wear Daily to Town use Usually everyday wear TOPS

Please contact us as you may be able to order even if you are currently having no storage.
* The color may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the difference in the monitor and the condition of the rays during shooting.


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