Camie Chasportiva Plus Stools / Green Fork

Size: F(F)
Color: Silver (05)
Sale price¥ 1,980 JPY


Men's Women's Product Details Golf

brand name
Camicia Sportiva Plus Camicia Sportiva + Stools STOOLS

Product name
Fork & Magnet Marker Logo Design Golf with Carabiner

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
1800 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
F (F)

Actual size
F (F) Total length 8.5 cm Marker, diameter 2.5 cm

With carabiner

Silver (05)

Green fork with marker
With carabiner
STOOLS Camicia Sportiva +
With Osamu Takemoto as the director, we propose golf styling for adults with the concept of "creating a lifestyle with golf."
Despite being an apparel for golf, the texture and silhouette are an extension of everyday wear, and it is a brand that embodies "I wish I had it" from my natural life.
Among golf wears that are often gorgeous, the brand is characterized by the fact that it is based on white and navy, and the logo and coloring are intentionally simplified.
For golfers who aim to be cool for adults, we will disseminate not only golf wear but also lifestyle as street wear.

Please note that there may be some errors regarding the size.
Please contact us as we may be able to order products that are not currently in stock.
* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitors and the condition of light rays during shooting.



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