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Size: LL(50)
Color: Gray (14)
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Men's Product Details Golf Wear Golf Wear

Name of the brand
Laura Felice (Laura Fium) Bianero Laura Felice Bianero

Name of the product
Coat downcoat down blouson hooded reflector half-coat hood storage possible heat insulation cold recumbrance reflective material golf wear

Manufacturer's suggested retail price
63,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notation size
M(46) L(48) LL(50)

Size of the actual size
L(48) Width 59cm Shoulder width 48cm Length 82cm
LL(50) Width 61cm Shoulder width 49cm Length 85cm

Body 100% polyester
Medium Down 90% Feather 10%

Heat-retaining, cold- and wind-proof, warm material, double zip-up hood

Grey (14)

Coat downcoat down blouson hooded reflector half-coat hood storage possible heat-retaining cold recussion reflective material
Going to and from golf
Characteristics of Reflector Materials
The recusal reflection (reflector) material used in this product is a material with a glass bead ball attached to the polyester base fabric.
Originally, it is a special material for materials, but it is finished with a texture that can be worn normally.
However, since the shrinkage is different between the base fabric and the glass beads, it is easy for "break jiwa" etc. to come out, and the mark remains, and light and dark by the diffuse reflection occur.
Thank you for understanding the above characteristics and allowing you to use it as a product that has never been before, including changes in the fabric.
Sports Watching Golf WatchIng Travel Clothes Fashionable Easy to Move

Please understand some errors in size.
Even for products that do not currently have a storehouse, we may be able to order them, so please contact us.
Depending on the difference of the monitor and the condition of the light beam at the time of shooting, there is a case where the color is slightly different from the actual product.
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